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I had fried beer today, and the Feed

Yes, I went to the State Fair of Texas today and had the fried beer (Shiner Bock in a fried pastry puff). What a waste of a good beer! And so expensive to boot, $5 for 5 little bite-sized puffs, or about 5 tsp of warm beer. But as an experience it was not bad, just not something I would want to repeat. Now the Fried Butter from last year, that is something I wanted to repeat but they didn’t have the stand up this year, so we had a Fletcher’s Corny Dog instead… And that was how I spent over $20 at the State Fair, just on myself.

Opening with a report from Jolly Olde, a driver that ran a cyclist down from behind with a vehicle that was wider than the actual lane he was driving in, and not wearing his corrective lenses was found guilty of not wearing his corrective lenses and fined £200. Dead cyclist’s family angered by £200 fine for lorry driver I mean this is a serious WTF moment on this one. I thought UK laws were better than US ones when it came to commercial vehicles that killed people on the roads, but this fine ($317.74 at today’s exchange rate) is less than littering or parking in a no-parking zone. OK you UK readers, time to hit the actual pen and paper to your MP about this travesty, and get it fixed. Running someone over from behind and killing them should result in some serious fines and permanent loss of driving privileges with serious consequences for ever driving again, not a £200 fine and 3 points against your license.

Back in the US, it has been a deadly week in NYC to not be driving a car as they got 4 pedestrians and a cyclist. Drivers Kill Four Pedestrians in Six Days, Two Flee Scene The cyclist mentioned was the Bushwick cyclist hit by an unlicensed truck driver and severely injured. Apparently a significant number of NYC drivers still have valid permits they got from Cracker Jacks boxes, and many of the rest don’t even have that. As for how you can avoid these wrecks, well the cyclist was hit from behind, hit from behind protocol from the link at the top of my blog should help a little, the pedestrian hit-and-run caught on video was a red-light-running driver, so intersection protocol might help (but probably won’t). More on the cyclist wreck. Trucker Who Hit Cyclist in Bushwick Wasn’t Licensed for Trucks

A cyclist on a through street is hit and injured by a driver leaving a parking lot, cyclist blamed for the wreck. Student biker struck, seriously injured in Lot 1 Obviously the police are not blaming the cyclist on the through street for the driver that pulled into her and caused her serious injury (at least I hope not), but that doesn’t stop the commenters blaming her.

A cyclist hit by a police car that was responding to a call without lights or siren being driven 12 MPH over the speed limit, and the cyclist was at fault. No charges in squad car crash with cyclist OK the police department that could be liable for the wreck called in outside LEO that investigated this one? And surprize surprize they found the cyclist at fault? I read the entire 45 page report that is linked to from the article, and I found it interesting that the sudden U-turn by the cop prior to the wreck was not mentioned as a factor in the wreck. The cyclists had checked traffic in both directions before crossing and were almost all the way across 6 lanes of traffic and a median when the rear cyclist (they were riding single file) was hit. The driver was doing 116% of the speed limit and did not have lights or siren on and had just made a sudden U-turn which would have completely screwed all the cyclists’ calculations of time available to cross, as the cyclists would have already been crossing the first 3 lanes of traffic when the cop made the “uwey” out of notice of the cyclists, who would have been looking for left crosses at that point having already cleared the right of traffic that might be a hazard. The witness reported that the cyclists were crossing “gingerly” which I interpret to be “with due care” and as I wrote had almost cleared 6 lanes and a median when the one was hit. Sorry to ramble like that but I don’t normally get so many witnesses and so much other data to read… More Report shows dark clothing, no lights played role in July bike crash

More on the funeral of the cyclist who was riding to raise money for the BP oil spill victims. Oil Spill Cyclist Laid to Rest More Philanthropist, cyclist remembered RIP Roger Grooters.

More reports on the cyclist killed during a race in South Africa. Sponsors shocked by Midmar death and News flashes – October 11, 2010 We now know the driver was driving without a license or insurance at the time of the wreck, probably a pretty good bet that sense was also not on board the vehicle…

A story from Oz about a wreck that actually pre-dates my first blog post on bike wrecks on any of the sites I used to post to. Scott Peoples This case was so egregious that new legislation was recommended to cover a situation like this in the future, where a driver that couldn’t see the road was out driving on it, or not on it as in this case where the vehicle left the road to hit the cyclist.

Still in Oz a cyclist was trapped on the tracks as a train was coming and was hit after his bike was caught in the crossing gate. Trapped cyclist run down by train If you can’t go back and you can’t go forward, that doesn’t leave you with many options. RIP anonymous cyclist.

And that’s all the news that gives me fits. Be thinking of my wife tonight as she refused to wear any of the hats I bought to keep the sun off her tender nose and has a nasty little sunburn tonight as the result of our trip to the Fair.

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