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Back from the Lab Rat Keeper with the Feed

Well, good news from the LRK, my weight is stable and after a month my BP has stabilized at a high enough point that I can participate in the study and start taking the study meds, which is good because I have been having “issues” with the higher BP including a headache and severe swelling in my injured leg.

Up first is a wreck that is not very usual but still a common mode away from urban areas. Bicyclist attacked by pit bull in Butte Animal attacks are not really my forte, but usually goggies just want to play with the thing with wheels and if you stop and put the bike between you and them they will lose interest and leave you alone. A well-aimed squirt from a water bottle sometimes does the trick, and there are commercial dog repellents for more persistent canines.

A sidewalk cyclist in NC stops for a car in a driveway, then gets hit when the driver decides to gun it when the cyclist was in front of the car. Cyclist recovering from broken shoulder Like I keep telling people, drivers are not expecting to see cyclists on the sidewalk, so they don’t look. When a driver obstructs a sidewalk and you can’t be sure if the driver sees you stop and wait for the driver to clear the sidewalk. Or you could (please don’t) use this advice for dealing with oblivious drivers that obstruct sidewalks: 1. Wave checkered flag and tell the driver they won, 2. Slap the fender or hood as you pass in front of the car like you’re “petting” the car, 3. Shoot the driver in the face with a M1911 .45ACP while berating them for obstructing the path, then shoot the car in the engine and radiator, 4. If you are Thor, strike the car with Mjolnir until the car is no longer drivable (although why the Norse God of Thunder would be riding a bicycle on the sidewalk I have no idea).

A memorial ride is being organized for the cyclist that was riding across the country to raise funds for the BP gulf oil spill. Memorial ride set to honor cyclist killed on cross-country trip WoaB supports this ride.

Another article about that wreck in the UK where a truck that was wider than the lane of travel hit a cyclist from behind and killed her with the driver getting pittance as punishment in the case. Family and friends of dead cyclist unhappy with justice system I don’t know what more I can say about this one…

Infrastructure news from Canuckistan. Bike lanes and bike stats Lots of wrecks, lots of injured cyclists but fewer dead ones, maybe?

And that’s all the news that gives me fits today.

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