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“People are stupid,” Men In Black. Boy they weren’t kidding

Well, things are heating up in Dallas for cyclists since the death on the Katy Trail of a jogger who ran into a cyclist. And there are stupid people everywhere, not just in Dallas, as the rest of the post will show.

Getting to the local story first a pedestrian and 2 cyclists are hurt in the roads around the White Rock Lake area in a single day. Pedestrian, cyclist injured in 2 bike crashes along White Rock Lake trail The pedestrian stepped out in front of the cyclist and 2 bicycles had a wreck when one ran a stop sign. And the stupid comments just keep piling up on the article…

A left cross in OH by a drunk driver. Bicycle rider injured in State Road accident in Parma The cyclist was crossing in the crosswalk after riding in the sidewalk, not recommended but legal, and as the driver was drunk the fault is entirely the driver’s. To avoid use the intersection protocol found in the link at the top of my blog…

A NY woman is severely injured by a motor vehicle in an intersection. Cyclist hit by car suffers serious head, leg injuries At this point I can’t say what the mode of the wreck was except the cyclist was hit from the right side. Nothing about the intersection or anything else made sense except the direction of travel of the 2 vehicles (cycle headed west, car going south). “Neal was cycling west across St. Paul Street against a green light” I mean, against a green light? So the cyclist had the green and the car ran the red? Or what? Anyway, intersection protocol, link at the top, yadda yadda yadda…

The victim of a speeding police car that was not using emergency lights or a siren in WI is suing the driver and the city that employed him. Lawyer for cyclist hit by squad car files claim This is the same wreck that I read the 45 page report on a couple days ago, where 2 cyclists were crossing 6 lanes of traffic and a median riding single file and the cop car hits the rider in the back as he was more than halfway across the 6th lane. The cyclists had stopped at a stop sign and waited for traffic to clear before crossing and would have cleared the intersection had the driver not been doing 116% of the posted limit without his lights or siren. had the officer been using lights and siren the cyclists would have known to wait until the car had passed before attempting to finish crossing the road.

Last linked article is kind of a 50/50 mix between a lifestyle and a wreck report as the sister of a wreck victim wins a bike race… Sister’s near-fatal crash spurs North Heidelberg bicyclist to victory Nothing about the mode of the wreck but from the injuries listed the car was moving at a high rate of speed.

And that’s all the news that gives me fits today. I’m so tired of stupid people with driver’s licenses.

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