A lighter Feed with less death and injury, I could get to like that

Yes, fewer wrecks reported on yesterday, fewer dead and injured cyclists, you think somebody is paying attention out there? Not likely, there aren’t enough clicks to this blog to get that to happen. But if my readers are talking to people that ride bikes but don’t read my blog and telling about the protocols to stay alive, then I’m making a positive impact on the situation. So you readers know what you need to do, right?

Up first for no particular reason except something had to be, several members of the Cutters bike team made famous in the movie Breaking Away are injured during a training ride when a car went out of control and crossed the road into them from the opposite direction. Indiana cyclist upgraded after car strikes 3 The driver was going too fast for conditions and lost control, sliding into the pack of riders and hitting 3 of the 4. Aside from being Kreskin or Superman there’s no way to avoid a wreck like this where the vehicle comes at you from the opposite lane and out of control.

A CA driver has a wreck that wasn’t entirely his fault turn into a felony. Cyclist injured by hit-run driver in Rancho Bernardo Had the driver stopped the situation with the cyclist who “had a six-pack of beer in a backpack and had been drinking,” would have been partially to mostly at fault in the wreck. Had the cyclist been sober, hit-from-behind protocols might have prevented this wreck. Still, hitting a cyclist from behind in the bike lane drunk cyclist or not is a bad thing and major amounts of fault must be laid at the driver’s feet.

A former cop with severe eye disease claims SWSS as the cause of his hitting a cyclist. Cyclist at fault in crash, former cop says And I’m equally sure the cop didn’t lay on the horn as he passed the cyclist in the middle of the lane, as the only other witness was too far away to hear a horn. Interestingly enough the other witness never saw the cyclist until after he was hit. This cyclist was following the hit-from-behind protocol but did not react quickly enough to a buzz job to prevent his death.

A left hook in the Great White North injures a cyclist. Cyclist injured The cyclist was on the wrong side of the road placing him out of view of the driver as he turned. Another “salmon” cyclist gets hit…

I don’t know if this is Lifestyle or a followup to the story about Roger Grooters, but they had a ride in his honor. Cyclist’s ill-fated journey not in vain; Spirit will prevail This is actually the best article on the ride and its final tragedy that I have read yet.

More Lifestyle with another article on bicycles. Emotional Ride 2 Recovery As a veteran the author of WoaB strongly suggests you support this cause…

And that’s all the news that gave me fits, plus some that didn’t.

Billed @$0.02, Opus


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