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It’s Saturday and I have muggle things to do

I have things to do so this might get a little terse. That is unlike my usual loquaciousness this will be short.

Up first because I felt like it is a UK wreck report with clear reporting on who is at fault in a bike wreck… Cyclist hurt crashing into closed Blackburn cemetery gates Apparently they locked a group of kids inside the cemetery and when they came to leave the gates were in the way… Don’t read the comments.

More on the hit-and-run of a cyclist in SoCal. POLICE SEEK HIT AND RUN DRIVER WHO INJURED CYCLIST This was the cyclist carrying a six pack of beer in a backpack. I read in a story that I can’t link to that police are claiming the beer saved the cyclist from serious injury at the cans ruptured and dissipated the force of the impact, but when I looked the report up to link to today I got a 404 error. Anyway again, hit-from-behind protocol, links at the top of all my blog pages, yadda yadda yadda.

Back in the UK the sentence of a driver that hit a cyclist head on while speeding has been slightly increased. Stephen McKay’s fatal crash ban now four years OK he still only has 6 weeks of community service for killing a cyclist, but his driving ban (and hopefully the amount of time he can be sent to prison if caught driving?) has been extended to four years.

In Enn Zed an injured cyclist advises everyone to be more careful on the roads. Cyclist urges all road users to take more care This was the right cross crash that is the equivalent of the left cross in countries that drive on the right. That the cyclist managed to avoid getting hit by the second wheel of the rear tandem axle rig on the trailer after getting hit by the first wheel is nothing short of amazing and speaks to the resilience of youth.

In the US a Ghost Bike has been installed to remember a cyclist killed in Lawrence KS. Ghost bike memorial honors cyclist killed in hit-and-run Today is the one-year anniversary of her death by a drunk driver that left the scene and failed to render aid. RIP Rachel Leek.

And that’s all the news that gives me fits today. Now go do something awesome like ride a bicycle.

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