Something upwind is blooming, and the Feed

Unlike the Calvin and Hobbes book about monsters under the bed, there really is something upwind from my house that is a night bloomer and that I’m allergic to, as in wake up, can’t breathe, open eyes and still can’t see. The “still can’t see” is the result of a combination of “watery eyes” and dehydration from sleeping with my mouth open because I couldn’t breathe through my nose creating a situation where what would normally just blur vision became opaque. Or taking out the phrasing for delicate sensitivities I had both eyes fulla goop and all I saw was white.

Up first today because I have multiple links to the story is a cyclist running a stop sign outside Portland OR. Bicyclist Critically Injured in Accident Outside of SE Portland and Cyclist hit by car after running stop sign in Oak Grove also Bicyclist Critically Injured in Accident Outside of SE Portland and finally Cyclist critically hurt after colliding with car It’s still too early in the morning for me to be able to pull up a Google Street View of this wreck, I still haven’t processed my first cup of coffee, but the fact that there were multiple witnesses that saw the cyclist run the stop sign without stopping does not bode well. I know cyclists can hear and see better that cagers, but that doesn’t help if you don’t use those advantages to determine if the way is safe before riding through the intersection. Use your heads for something more than a convenient place to wear the magic foam plastic hat. Look and listen before you enter an intersection.

A cyclist is killed by a hit-and-run monster in Detroit MI. Cyclist killed in hit-and-run; driver sought This was a hit-from-behind wreck so apply the protocols in the link at the top of my blog. It might not have prevented this wreck but it might prevent yours. If you’re a reader in the Detroit area be looking for a white Chevy minivan with a busted or missing grill and damage to the right front corner. Let’s find this creep and put him away for life if not longer.

Almost two weeks after the fact the lawyer blatherings come out on the SF Muni bus/bike crash. San Francisco Bicycle Crash: Muni Bus, Bike Crash Killed Cyclist There are things in the report that are inconsistent with physical reality as we live in it, but then if lawyers were able to handle logic, they wouldn’t be lawyers they would be doing something useful for society. Among the things not consistent with reality as we live in it is the name of the web site, Justice News Flash as most of the reports are anywhere from a week to a month old when they are posted.

And a story that is very frustrating to me to report as the links keep dying on it, but for the moment the YouTube video is still there. Cyclist killed on Tidewater Dr. As this computer and YouTube are not on speaking terms and this video was linked from a drunk driver story on as more information and related I hope this is about the drunk driver that ran a cyclist over from behind.

From Jolly Olde another wreck where they can actually tell who is responsible for the cyclist’s injuries… Cyclist, 14, falls off river path in Halling At this time they are calling it a single-vehicle wreck pending the cyclist regaining consciousness.

And on a local Infrastructure note, Dallas cyclists descended on went to City Hall to engender a cycling friendly environment. Dallas bicyclists descend on City Hall to peddle their transportation views Yep sometime in the near future cyclists will actually be allocated space on the roads to ride safely, since drivers will not cede their piece of the roads willingly it will have to be taken from them.

And that’s all the news that gives me fits for the last two days.

Billed @$0.02, Opus

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