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Stupidity reigns in the Feed

I’m sorry but Stupid just blared at me while I was filtering the Feed this morning. Some cases were stupid LEO, some were stupid drivers and there was a cyclist that wasn’t the brightest LED in the bin either.

Going for stupid LEO first, a cyclist runs into parking meters and then gets hit by a car (their version). Man riding bicycle in downtown Taunton crashes into parking meters; car hits him OK if you understand physics and human bodies and you take a good look at the bike and the 2(!) parking meters that were hit you know this story is a sham. The cyclist was run off the road and the car hit both parking meters. I mean just look at how the meters have been bent over and torn loose from the asphalt paving in the sidewalk. One of them was laid flat by the impact. A cyclist might have caused the damages to the meter closest to the camera in the photograph and survived, but no cyclist could have done the damages to the second meter and survived, and no cyclist could have done the damages in the picture of the first meter and retained enough momentum to even get as far as the second meter much less hit it with enough force to move it. This story is false, and they are blaming the cyclist for being “impaired” when the cyclist was assaulted by the driver of the motor vehicle.

Another hit-and-run against a cyclist in DC. Cyclist injured in Prince William hit and run The cyclist was only slightly injured as she was using good cycling practices, and was able to get a physical description of the vehicle and the occupants, unfortunately not including the license plate number. This was a hit-from-behind wreck.

A cyclist is hit-from-behind and the driver gets nada in IN. UPDATED: Injured cyclist sent to Indy hospital After the first 2 reports, I’m running out of things I can say about hit-from-behind wrecks. BTW don’t read the comments. An earlier report on the wreck: Skateboarder, cyclist injured in AM crashes

And to wind up this Feed on a positive note, cyclists ride to cure bone cancer. Brothers bike to fight myeloma WoaB strongly suggests you give money to this cause…

And that’s it for today, I’m going to go for a bike ride.

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