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I’m back with the Feed

After a grueling day out on the roads by bus, with an allergy attack tacked on for good (?) measure I have recovered enough to filter the Feed and make a post. Lots of links so far, it looks like a bumpy ride.

Up first is more information on the cyclist killed by a teen-age girl driving around with her car full of balloons and the windshield covered in painted dots. Family mourns cyclist killed Still many unanswered questions on this wreck, like why the driver and her companion didn’t remove the balloons filling the car before driving it…

Closer to WoaB HQ is this hit-and-run in McAllen TX. Fatal hit-and-run magnifies risks cyclists face on area roadways Hit-from-behind by a driver with a loud muffler. That sounds like a deliberate attack by an “entitled” driver that thinks his license and tags give him ownership of the roads. To avoid use the hit-from-behind protocols in the link at the top of my blog. Insert usual rant about hit-and-run drivers and rabid wolverines.

Closer still was this wreck just down the road a bit in Kaufman. One injured in bicycle/vehicle LEO in this case seem to be blaming the driver for not yielding to the cyclist in this hit-from-behind wreck, as the cyclist had apparently established position in the street before he was hit.

A SD cyclist gets hit by a driver that had the green, but did the cyclist really run the red? Update: Injuries not life threatening in accident at 12th Street and Marion Road I’m looking at the Street View of this intersection and if the cyclist was doing 15 MPH and entered the intersection just as the light turned yellow he would have been at the far side of the intersection with his rear wheel hanging out in the outside lane, but at 12 MPH he would have been dead center in the outside lane. The thing is the wreck description doesn’t say where the cyclist was hit. Anyway, to avoid use intersection protocols, don’t run red lights, and ride faster than 15 MPH on a pale green. If you can.

A driver tried to use the “I didn’t see him” get-out-of-jail-free card but it gets denied… Local cyclist injured in car collision The driver was pulling out from a parking lot and went right into the cyclist. LEO decided that the cyclist was large enough, and close enough that the driver should have seen him, and charged the driver accordingly.

A very strange article that I can’t read because I don’t pay for online news content (if I had to pay for all the news I access on a daily basis this blog would not exist) but the teaser says the driver was trying to remove cardboard from one of her front wheels when she hit a cyclist. Police Say Woman Hit, Injured Bicyclist

What has to qualify for front-running in the worst-written news article this year, a cyclist out training is hit by someone driving a car. Competitive cyclist hit by car I have absolutely no idea what happened in this wreck aside from the car hitting the cyclist. Of the 5 “W’s” of news reporting who was only half answered (the victim, but no driver’s name), what was he was hit by a car, otherwise glossed over, where is somewhere in the city limits of OKC (the caption to the video actually has more information on that), when was sometime before sundown because sun glaring on dusty windshields was mentioned, why was completely forgotten, and how was “by a car”. The mode of wreck, the name of the driver, who did what prior to the wreck, all ignored.

A cyclist hit last month in Canada finally succumbs to his injuries. Cyclist dies weeks after crash I have covered this wreck since it happened, and I’m very saddened to learn of the gentleman’s demise. The reason why the cyclist left the bike lane and was hit in the inside lane of the road has never been determined. Another report Senior who was struck by car dies in hospital I’m getting backchannel reports that the man may have had a medical emergency that caused him to veer into the road and also hit the throttle on his USPD electric assist.

Another report from the Great White North that has me sick to my stomach. No jail time in cyclist crash that killed 2 and No jail time for man accused in deaths of charity cyclists Yes it’s no big deal to hit 4 cyclists on the side of the road and kill 2 of them, you just get a few hours of community service

A slightly better story from Canada on another driver that killed a cyclist. Man gets eight-year prison term for fatal car collision with teen This is another report on this story than the one I linked to earlier this week, and they still can’t do math, as the guy has been in jail for less than 2 years (having been denied bail) and only has 58 more months (4 years 10 months) to go on his 8 year sentence…

A piece of PPE that I hope never gets made mandatory. New Airbag for Cyclists aims to Prevent Head Injuries in Accidents Basically it’s an inflatable helmet and neck brace that pops out when a crash is detected. The bad part is like a helmet it’s only good for one hit, and has to be replaced after every use. The good part is it doesn’t impede vision or hearing and also protects the vulnerable cervical spine in a wreck. The bad part is with all the electronics it’s expensive and heavy.

News from Enn Zed about a drunk driver that killed a cyclist. Bar owner drank with killer driver before crash The driver had 13 drinks before he left and killed a cyclist in a hit-and-run wreck, and this trial was for the establishment that over-served him and then let him drive.

Infrastructure news from the most deadliest place to ride a bike or walk in the US. A penny tax for rail could mean a smoother ride for cyclists How are they going to get bike lanes in if people living on that street can veto them their blocks? How about if you want new paving and potholes fixed you get bike lanes, don’t want bike lanes you don’t get potholes fixed or new pavement.

A cyclist is remembered. Pewaukee will plant memorial to Jeff Littmann in Lakefront Park

One last bit of infrastructure news. NYC To Start Recording Accidents Between Bikes, Pedestrians I’m actually glad to see this started, because we really need the data. With only one fatality a year in NYC caused by bicycles hitting pedestrians it doesn’t really tell planners where the conflicts are or how to plan the infrastructure to minimze conflicts, and with no data you get no plans. I want the infrastructure to work for everybody, which requires planning which requires data.

And (finally) that’s all the news that gives me fits…

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