Daily Archives: October 23, 2010

Short Feed today, a quick read

I opened the Feed folder this morning to find only 2 links, before filtering, so this is going to be a quick read.

Somewhat local, or at least in the same state as WoaB, a 70 YO cyclist is tagged on the shoulder of US 377. Bicycle Rider Airlifted after Accident Aside from where he was riding there was no further information on this wreck.

And a chain reaction wreck in India resulted in a motorcyclist getting a hunk of what sounds like rebar in the leg after the bicycle that was carrying it was hit from behind. 25-year-old’s leg impaled on iron rod in accident Even when you do everything right, someone else’s mistakes can ruin your day. The driver in this wreck managed to get 2 other, lighter vehicles with one hit and injured 2 people, one very seriously. To avoid a similar wreck use hit-from-behind protocols when carrying rebar on your cargo bike, and move the rebar so that it’s the first thing a vehicle hitting from behind hits, so it can do some major damages.

And that’s everything in the Feed for today… and I didn’t even get to have a fit. 😉

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