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I love this comic…

Having fought the battle against spammers in my blog(s) since 2006 I can so relate to this comic Constructive

Y’all have a happy.


After a productive Sunday doing pretty much nothing, The Feed

Yes, I enjoyed my day off, going to church and taking care of the week’s leftovers, and watching DVD movies. I’m getting ready for Halloween, or as we call it in my religion Samhain (pronounced Sow-when because the transliteration was based more on the shape of the runes than their pronunciation), and I will be attending services Friday, Saturday, and 2 on Sunday, all from different groups. This is one of the busy times of the year for us Pagans as everybody has a major observance this time of the year on slightly different dates depending on how they calculate it, by calendar or by tracking the sun, or by the moon.

Up first because they linked to me rather than my linking to them, another hit-and-run in CA. Bicyclist Killed In Hit-And-Run Crash By Suspected Drunk Driver Yep when major news outlets start linking your blog to their stories, you have arrived. Anyway the driver was going the same way as the cyclist, so hit-from-behind protocols to avoid a similar wreck. Insert rant about drunk drivers and rabid wolverines, cute kittens and anaphylactic shock.

Door prize in NYC, more than one link. Cyclist Fatally Doored in East Harlem and Open car door kills bicyclist Marcus Ewing, 27, cycling advocacy group says this is all too common also Bicyclist Killed Uptown in Another Car-Door Accident One of the comments made in the second link stated that it was unknown how many “door prizes” were not actual “accidents” but deliberate assaults on cyclists by drivers (or passengers on the driver’s side of the vehicle). The problem in this case is the bike lane is directly in the door zone, and to avoid the door zone you have to leave the bike lane. In states where they have mandatory bike lane laws (like, unfortunately, TX) this is not an option. The old way to avoid getting doored was to look through the rear windshield at see if there was someone sitting in the car that might be about to open the door, unfortunately head restraints and tinted windows have rendered that option pretty much useless. Unless a negligent assault or manslaughter crime is invented there is no legal way to punish people that open car doors into cyclists, and more cyclists will die as a result. Related links Brooklyn Bicycle Accident Takes the Life of NYC Cyclist and Fatally doored cyclist had a passion for helping the poor, dream of moving to New York City

The driver in a fatal hit-and-run talks to the media before she goes to prison. Woman talks about guilt after hitting, killing Summerfield bicyclist I don’t know if it is my personal bias after I was nearly killed in a hit-and-run or what, but I find the sympathy this article shows to the driver distasteful. The sorrow the driver claims seems formulaic and contrived. I really think it must be my personal biases clouding my judgement about this driver, who despite her doctor’s warnings about her not driving under her medication went driving anyway and as a result killed a human being.

Closer to home for me the cyclist killed in a hit-and-run in the Rio Grande Valley was named by police. Cyclist Killed in Hit & Run Identified For those of you reading this on BikeJournal.com this is no news, but for the rest of you, this was a user of the BikeJournal service and a person who was well-liked in his community and in the BikeJournal community.

Moving to the Great White North, a driver gets away with murder. No charges to be laid in case of cyclist, 53, killed in August and No charges in Ottawa cyclist’s death Another example of car-head bias from LEO. The best outcome we can hope for is that the student driver continues to refuse to drive in the future, but there is nothing preventing her from driving should she decide to do so.

Still wandering the snowy wastes, a driver kills 2 and has to pay a fine and not get caught driving for 3 years. Cyclist killer fined $5,000, given three-year driving ban As long as killing with a motor vehicle is treated as something that can’t be avoided, or a minor offence, drivers will feel nothing prevents them from killing but their own consciences, which sadly are lacking for many.

Away from North America, a cyclist is killed in Dubai. Prominent Dubai cyclist killed in tragic collision I don’t know anything about the mode for this wreck, but there are so few cyclist deaths in the UAE that anyone getting killed on a bike is national news there.

In infrastructure news, NYC says they’re going to start ticketing cyclists more. New York City to Clamp Down on Cyclist Scofflaws There are certain illegal behaviors I would like to see ticketed more, like “salmon” cyclists, and those riding at greater than a quick walking pace on the sidewalks, but to be honest most “illegal” cyclists are placing themselves in more danger than they are the general public.

And that’s the Feed for this Monday, I hope you had a good weekend and have a great start to the week.

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