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More than usual number of links from TX, and the rest of the Feed

Well, there are a lot of links from the home state of WoaB today, more than I like at any rate. On preferences for links I prefer that there not be any links because there are no wrecks to report on rather than having wrecks and no links. In order: No wrecks; All wrecks have links; Wrecks with no links is a situation which I do not like at all.

Up first is a hit-and-run a couple hundred miles up the road in Texarkana. Police seeking hit-and-run driver who injured cyclist This is a vast improvement over a wreck in 2007 where the left side of a vehicle collided with the right side of a bicycle that had “swerved from the shoulder” i.e. had been on the left side of the lane the whole time and the driver didn’t process that information. This wreck LEO are taking seriously. I couldn’t read the whole article because it requires a subscription so I can’t tell you how to avoid the wreck if the same situation happens to you.

Just down the road in Austin the chef at a children’s shelter is severely injured in a hit-and-run. Austin Children’s Shelter employee critically injured in hit and run This could be an attack on CPS for taking away somebody’s kid, or it could just be another case of driver-on-cyclist violence that has become so prevalent in Austin lately (it’s normally not this serious), or it could just be a drunk or sleepy driver not paying attention to what’s on the road in front of him/her. He was hit from behind mid-block on a street that the bike lanes stopped on a block previous to the wreck location. To avoid a similar wreck use the hit-from-behind protocol in the link at the top of my blog.

And still in Texas, the cyclist hit-and-run last week in McAllen will have a memorial ride. Memorial Planned for Cyclist Killed in Hit and Run Hit-and-run against cyclist has become epidemic in TX, same as everywhere else. I don’t know what to say except maybe have some of those cheap miniature video cameras running with some kind of G-activated cutoff switch so that a description of the vehicle can be captures at least. If I get the $$ I’m going to buy 4 of those $10 cameras to mount on my bike with the half-hour memory cards, and program them to loop that half hour so that a wreck is never lost.

This is very disturbing. Rocky Mount cyclist killed in apparent drive-by shooting This is not something you can avoid by good riding practices, because they may be shooting you for something someone else did. Or they may just be shooting because they don’t give a crap about you actually being a human being, to them you’re just a cyclist, if you were a real person of value you would be driving a car. Another good reason to have those miniature video cameras on your bike though.

Another report on that disturbing DUI hit-and-run in L.A. CA. Cyclist killed in Agoura Hills hit-and-run; driver arrested on suspicion of DUI See it isn’t just TX, it’s everywhere… The comments section was hopeful in that there were very few comments that made the victim at fault for “being there on a bicycle”. Most were against the driver for being drunk and/or leaving the scene, a couple were because the immigration status of the driver was not given (i.e. citizen, legal resident, or illegal alien) so they assumed from the name the driver was an illegal alien… some people…

A wreck where everybody stayed on the scene until LEO showed up… Bicyclist dies in 1st Avenue crash with delivery truck This was a right hook wreck where the truck passed the cyclist and immediately turned across his path, causing him to go under the rear wheels. Use intersection protocol on wrecks like this to reduce the severity of injury by reducing the angle of impact. Other than that, eternal vigilance, and maybe a huge fine against people that drive like the truck driver might help.

In UT they have another cyclist injured in a wreck. Young cyclist injured in collision with vehicle I used to live not far from there but when I lived there that area was farmer’s fields not housing developments. Anyway, the wreck, the kid did not look to make sure the way was clear before crossing the road at a stop-sign controlled intersection. The crosswalk doesn’t matter in this case, even though in UT a cyclist in the crosswalk has all the rights of a pedestrian in the crosswalk. You have to allow enough time for the drivers to see you and yield to you in the crosswalk.

Half a continent away in IL an eerily similar wreck to the one linked to above. Cyclist injured after crashing into car Again crosswalk and young rider that didn’t allow enough time for drivers to yield right-of-way to occupants of the crosswalk.

Another article about dead cyclists from the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bicycle, that I can’t read because I can’t afford to pay for articles I link to. Joe Barnett: Death takes another cyclist I don’t advise paying to read someone’s opinion about bicycles and bicycle wrecks, you get that for free from me 😉

And that’s all the news that gives me fits this fine Tuesday.

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