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Tasha Borland sentencing tomorrow, and the Feed

For those in the Sand Springs area of OK remember that tomorrow is the sentencing hearing for Tasha Borland. Remember the minimum she’s supposed to get is 3 1/2 years in prison with no possibility of parole, but I have the sneaking suspicion she’s going to walk. Show up at the hearing and show that she belongs in prison, and also that she needs to never drive again.

Up first are more reports on the right hook wreck that killed a man on a bike Monday. Man killed in bike-truck crash in downtown Mpls. The pictures in that link don’t show a normal right hook crash, the bike was destroyed front and rear. More Bicyclist Killed in Downtown Minneapolis Was Riding Stolen Bike This is an interesting tidbit, but it doesn’t absolve the driver of the truck that killed him. It does show that the rack the bike was stolen from needs more security.

Back in OK for a moment, the hunt for the killer of a cyclist is given back to Traffic division because Homicide couldn’t find the driver. Search for suspect continues in bicyclist’s death You know the first places I would check are windshield repair shops for people that replaced windshields in the week to 10 days after the wreck, but then I’m just a brain-damaged blogger, what do I know.

More on the battle to reduce the killer of the majority of the deceased cyclists in London. No More Lethal Lorries appeal stepped up A couple of points I agree with are the “Blaming blind spots = guilty” and the idea that off-road trucks are not suited for use in urban areas. Some of the rest is counter-productive in my eyes.

And something like infrastructure news, a lawyer who was made a quadraplegic by a hidden road defect wins $8 million in a settlement. Injured cyclist would trade $8 million settlement to get his life back I’m sure the worst nightmare for a defendant’s attorney is a crippled lawyer as plaintiff. The thing is this guy wasn’t the first to crash nor the last, but he was the guy with the resources to sue the pants off the people that caused all the wrecks. The thing I was glad to see was the defect in the road was repaired at a relatively low cost. Now had they done that immediately after the first bike wreck caused by the defect then they would have been $8 million heavier in the wallet, but people just don’t think about things like that.

I had a couple of links from wrecks in India, but those wrecks didn’t have enough information on how to avoid them to make it worth writing up in here. In India they are quick to assign blame for a wreck, but the media frequently doesn’t have a lot of actual information about the wreck that can be used to protect road users from future wrecks. I mean they give the license plate of the cars in wrecks, but not the directions and the places on the roads of the vehicles involved in the wreck.

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