Tasha Borland is being sentenced today, why are you reading my blog? Get thee hence

Yes, they are sentencing Tasha Borland today. If it’s before 1PM and you live near Sand Springs get your butt to that courtroom and lend support to keeping her butt in prison for a very long time (and post a comment about it here no matter what happens).

Up first a teen driver fails to recognize trouble coming and hits a little girl on a bike. Bicyclist, 11, Killed By Teen Driver In Mesa The driver came on a car that was stopped at a crosswalk to let pedestrians cross, the little girl was with them and following at the rear, and the teen driver just came on through the crosswalk. This was a violation of basic safety rules (if there’s a vehicle stopped at a crosswalk you stop, too) as well as common sense. In this case there isn’t much a cyclist can do to avoid this kind of wreck except not ride. Seriously this is exactly like crossing with the light and getting hit by a red light runner, and the punishment for the driver that violated the crosswalk should be just the same as a driver that runs a red light and kills. Sadly enough it looks like that is exactly what’s going to happen, drivers that run red lights and hit cyclists are seldom even punished for the red light violation.

Another report on the man killed riding a stolen bicycle. Minneapolis bicyclist killed on bike he stole The wreck was very bad on this one. From the destruction I would say the truck barely slowed for the corner before hitting the cyclist. The stolen bike does not absolve the driver of the truck for what he did in running over the cyclist, this looked like the truck driver was either oblivious to the existence of the cyclist or deliberately tried to “buzz” the cyclist and mis-judged the speed of the cyclist. That said, bike thieves are scum, but they don’t deserve the death sentence.

Apparently even in the Great White North people can’t understand that a driver wasn’t paying attention to the road and ran over 5 cyclists from behind and only stopped because his vehicle was disabled by the impacts. Coroner can help explain Highway 112 deaths Seriously, this dude was spaced out on the roads, and should not have been driving, and several other people paid the price for his impairment. Why there were no charges filed I still can’t understand, had the driver hit 5 cars driving slowly on the same road he would have been in jail so fast that his pupils would have been on the same side of his nose. This quote floors me though:The police appear to have given the case the diligence it deserved but in the absence of clear proof of intent, dangerous driving, or criminal negligence, then charges plainly should not be laid.” There are several dead and injured on the road and 5 vehicles have been hit from behind, how much more evidence of dangerous driving do they need?

Infrastructure news! a NYC mom of a cyclist killed by a driver that was too stupid to live wants drivers taught that hitting cyclists is bad. Mom Wendy Clouse wants cyclist-safety course for motorists after her daughter’s tragic death Ms. Clouse, the driver that killed your daughter was unlicensed, even if there was such a course being taught with questions on the driver’s written test, this idiot wouldn’t have seen it and would have still killed your daughter.

Final infrastructure report is another side to the $8 million settlement reached with a lawyer in Seattle. Paralyzed cyclist Gendler receives settlement, but wants life back And I know the person that wrote the comment that the bridge was built before bikes had 1″ wide tires won’t see this, but does that mean the bridge was built prior to 1973? I had a used bike I bought in 1975 that had 27 x 1″ tires. Those tires were harder than heck to keep pumped up with the bicycle pumps available at the time, and don’t even get me started about the air hoses at gas stations.

And that’s all I got today, the rest of the feed was reports from Jolly Olde with lots of details about the personal lives and hair color of the victims, but nothing on the actual wrecks themselves which means I have nothing I can use in this blog to help save your life.

Billed @$0.02, Opus


3 responses to “Tasha Borland is being sentenced today, why are you reading my blog? Get thee hence

  1. Ah, Opus, normally I love your write-ups, but the comment directed at Ms. Clouse seems a bit harsh – if this woman can use her family’s tragedy to create an education plan that new licensed drivers will see, that can only help create a culture where bikes and other vulnerable users are better respected. True, maybe if she took up the cause of strict liability it could be faster at producing a cultural shift, but also less likely to gain political traction, I’d bet.


    • And I like your blog, too. I wasn’t trying to be harsh, just realistic. She could have used the energy to fight for harsher penalties for people who kill with motor vehicles for which they don’t have a license, like they did in OR. driving on a suspended or revoked license should be a jailable offense, not a ticket. If your privilege to operate a deadly device has been revoked then being in possesion of such a device (motor vehicle) should be a felony, but people don’t care. Or what’s more likely they see driving as a necessity and “absolve” the lawbreaker of responsibility. Had she done that not only would she have been making the roads safer for every one, but she would have gone to the root cause of her daughter’s death.


  2. True enough. I guess I just think of those changes as so very radical given the state of car culture in the country right now, it’s hard to imagine them being successful, so I’m grateful to take new allies any way we get them. Plus I kind of like the “indoctrinate the children” aspect that’s implied with better biker/driver education programs 🙂


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