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No time to celebrate Tasha Borland, we got more dead and injured cyclists in the Feed

As much as I want to celebrate Tasha Borland’s first day in prison, I can’t. There were still dead and injured cyclists in the Feed this morning, and until I can go weeks between wreck reports and just give reports on bread baking and making beans and rice, and how far I rode the day before, well my job just ain’t close to being done. I will be done when hitting a cyclist with a car is as rare and garners as much outrage as an adult assaulting a child on the street.

Up first because I still like to gloat about it is another report on Tasha. Woman Sentenced In Cyclist Deaths To avoid, well don’t be a stupid b*tch and drink and take prescription meds that depress your judgement then climb behind the wheel of a potential killing machine when you’re only semi-conscious.

In the same state as us, but actually moving farther away from WoaB HQ, a hit-and-run in Corpus Christi TX. Police seek green Camaro, driver in killing of Flour Bluff cyclist Interesting comments that nobody blamed the cyclist for being there to get hit. On the other hand the evidence that the driver stopped to remove the damaged bicycle from under the car before leaving the cyclist to die is just disgusting.

Car-head thinking in an article on a right hook in NC. Woman slightly injured in truck-bike collision Even if you have a “green arrow” signal, you still have the onus to make sure there’s nothing in front of you that might have entered the intersection before the signal changed, like a slow-moving bicycle. In other words just because you have a green light doesn’t give you the right to hit something that’s slower than you but in front of you. For cyclists use intersection protocol to avoid a wreck like this, and don’t let a driver “courtesy” you into a wreck.

A cyclist is hit and injured just 10 blocks from the President’s crib. Bicyclist struck on Pennsylvania Ave. All I know about this wreck and how to avoid is that it seems to have been a mid-block so most likely you need to use the hit-from-behind protocols to avoid a similar situation. According to one of the comments in the comments section it was somebody pulling a U-turn across the bike lane, which in DC are in the middle of the road not on the edges. As this is not a common lane configuration I don’t have a protocol to avoid this situation. The closest one would be the left cross but using that would require dodging into the adjacent traffic lane. As the driver is also turning into that lane it is most likely empty but if the driver didn’t see you what guarantee is there that he would have seen a car coming?

Another report on that CA hit-and-run where witnesses split up and some tailed the driver while others helped the victim. Man killed in hit and run Yay concerned bystanders, boo drunken idiot driver, insert rant about cute kittens and anaphylactic shock. Maybe this driver and Tasha can be bunk buddies in prison?

And from India another injured cyclist was the straw that broke the camel’s back on a private bus service. Cyclist escapes Blueline death The cyclist was hit from behind while stopped at a traffic light and seriously injured. As a result local government has banned the private bus service Blueline from operation beginning this December because of the large number of deaths and injuries as a result of those vehicles, hundreds a year just in one city.

And that’s all the news that gives me fits.

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