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Getting Spooooky, and the Feed

Yes it’s getting spooky out there as the souls of unavenged cyclists killed by drivers that got away with it in this world moan in despair as their killers walk free… Can’t you hear them? I can every day.

Up first is another report on our favorite blonde b*tch, Tasha Borland. Oklahoma woman sentenced to 24 years in prison for striking two cyclists There is a little mis-communication there as Tasha hit 3 cyclists and killed 2 of them.

Still in the jurisprudence portion of the program, we have a trail date set on a MT hit-and-run. Trial date set in Seeley Lake fatal hit-and-run; plea agreement in works Perhaps we can get as favorable a plea agreement with this fiend as we did with the Blonde B*tch? This is even worse as the driver either took the cyclist’s shoes, or one of the shoes got caught in the truck and fell off near the house. This was a hit-from-behind wreck in the dark, use lights and hit-from-behind protocol to keep yourself out of a similar wreck.

An apparent hit-and-run in our nation’s capital. Cyclist struck at 6th and H NW Other than the news of the cyclist getting hit there isn’t much in this one. It was posted too early, before DCPD had time to find out what happened.

Surprize surprize, cops say a fellow cop did nothing wrong when he hit a cyclist. No charges against police officer following teenage cyclist’s death It doesn’t matter what country it happens in when a cop kills with a car the victim was at fault unless it gets caught on camera proving otherwise (and even then they’ll try to weasle out of it somehow).

A Enn Zed driver is sorry he killed a cyclist, but not sorry enough to not appeal his ridiculously light sentence. Driver remorseful after cyclist’s death Only 250 hours of community service and a 6 month ban on driving, and he’s appealing the sentence. I hope he gets prison time after the appeal.

And infrastructure news from Lala land. “Breakin’ the Law and Proud of It!” If those encharged with enforcing the laws don’t know the laws, what do you do?

And that’s all the news that gives me fits on this night before All Hallows’ Eve. Have a spoooooky weekend, and carb load with candy 😉

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