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I need to be making T-shirts, and the Feed

Too late for this year, but I really need to be doing T-shirts on Cafe Press. There are so many people that come here looking for a witch riding a bicycle that I think a T-shirt with that image could be a big seller. Naturally I wouldn’t make much selling from Cafe Press, but I think the satisfaction of making something for my fans and followers would make up for that. I was also thinking of selling “sharrow” shirts with “Share the road, Not the lane” captions. What do y’all think?

Up first is another article I got via personal e-mail, about someone that had a minor wreck on their bike and swore off riding on the roads because of that. Fell Off My Bike, and Vowed Never to Get Back On I think most of you have read the About Opus page about my wreck and aftermath, well I have no memory of ever not wanting to ride a bike as soon as I was able. Actually I got back on the bike before I was able to really, it was how I figured out my knee was still busted up. But I can see how some people might think twice or even more about getting back on the bike after a wreck.

Up in NJ a bike is hit by a truck. Cyclist struck at Route 1&9 and Duncan Avenue in Jersey City At this point LEO is not saying who had the right of way, which is usually the case when the cyclist was in the right. Anyway, intersection protocol with the head on a swivel might keep you out of the same situation.

A very strange report on a wreck in OR. Police try to ID man in Eugene bicycle crash and Police try to ID man in Eugene bicycle crash Same headline, different paper. Apparently the head injury caused some “unusual” behavior from the victim. I would say keep your pants on after a wreck, but obviously this guy was not rational after the wreck whether due to injury from the wreck or something from prior to the wreck.

From the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike, more on a Saturday bike/truck wreck. AP Top Stories and Name released of man involved in Saturday bicycle-truck crash From the description of the wreck the truck driver just pulled out without looking to see if anyone was still in the intersection and hit the guy riding the bike. For a cyclist this is one of the things that really bothers me, the “Green means Go, and you better not be in my way” mentality of people driving deadly weapons. Especially when faced with a short light cycle and a large road to cross a cyclist may start immediately when the light changes and still be a couple lanes from completing the crossing when the light changes and the people in those lanes decide to go.

Finally up in the Great White North someone is trying to drive home (no pun intended) the harsh facts of driving around pedestrians and cyclists, that in the vast majority of the wrecks the pedestrian or cyclist is going to sustain some kind of injury that requires transport to a medical facility. Watch where you’re driving! The most telling statistic is in the caption of the lead photo: “Walking and cycling can be dangerous methods of transport in a city where one pedestrian is injured every 4.3 hours and one cyclist is injured every 8.8 hours.

And that’s all the news I can stand for one day.

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2 years, 781 posts, 5 pages, and the Feed for the last 4 days

Heck of a way to celebrate isn’t it? But, yes it’s been 2 years since I moved this blog to WordPress from MySpace over a censorship issue. They weren’t censoring me they were censoring my links, which is the life and breath of this blog, linking to the reports of wrecks, disputes and infrastructure issues all over the world. Since moving to the more visible WordPress hosting I get many more casual readers that just wander in for one specific post than wander away to never be heard from again, and also Spam comments. I have a method for taking care of the spammers (nothing says “quit leaving crap links on my blog” quite like a DOS attack that shuts their site down for a couple of days, it’s nice to have a few White Hats for friends). Note to the spammers, if you ask nice and send a little folding money my way I might put up a link in my sidebar if you have something to sell that fits the subject matter of this blog, I did it before. I have made more than 100 tags since I started this version of the blog back in 11/08, some of which I use nearly every day, and some that I used to tag posts about notorious bicycle haters (Tasha Borland, Dr. Christopher Thompson). The “funny” thing is Tasha’s and Doc Thompson’s tags are a near permanent part of my tag cloud now. I guess I need to add tags for Erzinger the driver too rich to charge in the hit-and-run of a cyclist, and the DA that said Erzinger was too rich to charge and see those tags become part of my tag cloud, too. Anyway, I just wanted to let y’all know that it has been a great 2 years here on WordPress, and I look forward to bringing you acerbic comments about bikes, cars, drivers, infrastructure, and politicians for many years to come.

Since I’m filtering 4 days of links and stories the organization of the links will be somewhat hap-hazard today. Up first because it was sent separate and special is actually an infrastructure article from NYC. Bike lane critics are wrong: Why New York needs to make way for cyclists The days of single-mode street planning are over, automobile centrism is dead, and infrastructure should not dictate which mode of travel is to be used unless that mode’s users have fully paid as the sole source of funds for the infrastructure, as in rail and interstate highways. Where you have such user-paid infrastructure there should still be allowance for other modes so that other modes are not cut off from areas by the single-mode infrastructure. But that is a subject for a separate post all its own…

Here we have 3 reports of a cyclist hit from behind. Cyclist Killed In Collision and Woman On Bike Killed In Asheville Crash also Helmetless Asheville bicyclist killed on dark road Notice how this story was framed: It was the fault of the cyclist for not wearing a helmet, not the driver for hitting her from behind. Anyway, there was lots of blame to go around for this wreck, from the cyclist not using lights to the driver driving too fast for his lights. Notice that I place the blame on poor lighting on both the driver and the cyclist. Headlights should be bright enough to see what is in the road in front of a car, but cyclists have to give drivers a chance with either lights or reflectors.

In the most deadliest sate in the US to walk or ride a bike the locals are starting to get the message that they are killing people far out of line with their population. Pedestrian involved crashes on the rise locally (DOCUMENT, PHOTO GALLERY) Of course they are still idiots because they can’t tell the difference between a pedestrian and a cyclist, but some LEO are starting to figure out that most of the bike wrecks have been from drivers not watching the road: “Generally, when it’s a driver against a bicyclist it’s the driver being complacent and not realizing the bicyclist is in the roadway.

In a case of seriously misplaced priorities, a killer driver is sentenced in the death of a cyclist and the serious injury of the runner she was shepherding. Motorist sentenced in N. Idaho cyclist death case The comments are interesting at this point… and mostly not anti-bike or anti-car.

A cyclist killed in a wreck last week gave to the community even though he was homeless for many years. Cyclist killed in collision donated time to charities I’m just speechless about this. And I think my spell-checker has lost its mind, because it can’t decide if there is or isn’t an “a” in the various permutations of the word “speech” and “speak”.

In S.F. CA a cyclist’s death is officially ruled a homicide. German cyclist’s death found to be a homicide and German Cyclist’s Death Determined Vehicular Homicide With this official ruling the trial of the waste of skin that was blitzed out of his gourd and switched seats with his girlfriend after the wreck and left the scene can begin.

Another bike/pedestrian hit-and-run. Bicyclists strikes, injures two seniors in NW Let’s try this again? DO NOT HIT THE PEDESTRIANS!!! They are on the same side as we are as vulnerable road users. If you do hit a pedestrian for Deity’s sake stick around until it has been determined that there was no damage done, and leave contact information if there was damage done.

Bob Mionske weighs in on the lawsuit against the parents of a deceased cyclist by the driver that killed him. Driver Sues Family of Deceased Cyclist Bob brings up the problem of a de facto helmet law even when there isn’t a de jure helmet law, and also the fact that helmets are designed to a very low speed impact.

In the Great White North they are still talking about the pedestrian that died after being hit by a cyclist. Police probe death of elderly man in collision with bicycle At this point the police are saying the cyclist was not at fault and because the victim did not start showing any symptoms until after the cyclist left the scene it wasn’t a hit-and-run.

Still in the Great White North a cyclist is right-hooked by a garbage truck and the media wants to know if he was wearing a helmet. Roads reopened after truck hit teen cyclist Yeah it’s really more important that the cyclist was wearing a helmet rather than the fact that the garbage truck driver wasn’t paying attention to other vehicles on the road.

Still in Canada, a pair of cyclists misjudge the speed of a car while crossing a street and one gets pranged. Cyclist injured in collision I put about 75% of the blame on the cyclists for not crossing the street in time, and about 25% on the driver for not using the brake pedal sooner. Would it have killed him to slow down? It almost killed someone that he didn’t.

Still in the GWN, a cyclist killed by a drunk driver is remembered with signs against drunk driving. Signs honour cyclist killed by drunk I think a greater honor would be giving drivers that kill harsher sentences when convicted and convicting more of them, not just the ones that are plastered but also the ones that claim “I didn’t see (the cyclist)”.

In Jolly Olde a cyclist hit by a bus while waiting at a traffic light wants the bus company to acknowledge that hitting a person on a bicycle in the cycle lane is wrong. ‘I want an apology after bus knocked me down’ Some of the comments are typical car-head nonsense that don’t seem to understand the phrase “standing in the cycle lane at a traffic signal”.

Moving on to Enn Zed we have a cyclist saying that he was at fault in a wreck because he misjudged the speed of a car before crossing in front of it. Teen cyclist ‘broken’ in crash with car The aftermath of the wreck was horrific with the kid almost losing his leg, which he will keep but it will be a long time before he can ride a bicycle again if ever.

More Enn Zed destruction against cyclists. Another cyclist injured in collision The cyclist describes riding on the road like “Russian Roulette, and you never know which driver will be the round in the chamber”. Well as a survivor of having such a “live round in the chamber” the only thing I can say is that it is a very good thing that those kinds of drivers are few and far between.

In what has to be the least thought-out proposed road rule in the 21st century a cyclist proposes making reflective dayglo clothing mandatory. Cyclist promotes safety bylaw Note that there were no comments posted to the article. Really, stop and think about it, people are already claiming to be unable to see cyclists wearing the gaudy neon and reflective cycle gear, will making it mandatory make us any more visible? Or would making “I didn’t see (the cyclist)” an admission of guilt instead of an excuse work better at making drivers see cyclists, and permanently revoking the license of a driver that makes that claim as well as taking the car or truck. This is undoubtedly the worst case of blaming the victim and appeasement I have ever seen relating to cycling.

And that’s all the news that gives me fits today, I’m going to read some comics and rest my brain for a while.

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Signing off for the long weekend

It doesn’t look like I will be able to get to a computer over the long Thanksgiving Weekend, so I’m going to tell you to be careful out there and remember to use the protocols when you ride. I’ll do an extra long filtering on Monday to cover the entire 4 days, pray for my sanity… 😉

PSA, Opus

A light Feed and much to do before Turkey Day

I am going to be swamped this afternoon by all the things that need doing, not the least of which is fixing the stove so turkey might be cooked. I also have a submarine that needs to be worked on for the Solstice parade, and I need to cobble up the trailer hitch on Blue Bike to tow said submarine. Blue is almost excited about this, but I think he’s more interested in not getting banged against the submarine “bones” every time he gets put away. Blue isn’t as communicative as Gigi was, but is a better bike than Gigi was, except for using the bike racks on the bus and train.

Most of the bicycle related stuff is from outside the US and most is from outside North America. There was a ‘bike” wreck that involved a motorcycle hit from behind at a traffic light, which just goes to show that even a large vehicle with a motor and bright lights is no protection from idiots.

Another report from the most deadliest state to walk or ride a bike in the US on the car that went off the road to hit a cyclist. Cyclist dies in road wreck As I said yesterday, the car went off the road at a substantial speed as documented by the passenger’s injuries. I don’t know that even using hit-from-behind protocol would have helped in this wreck because of the closing speed.

More on the pedestrian fatality with a bicycle in Vancouver BC in Canuckistan. Vancouver senior struck and killed by cyclist This report is much less sensational than the report that came in yesterday. The reported 30+ MPH cyclist speed from yesterday is very unlikely as there were no steep hills in the area and aside from the pedestrian’s head injury there were no serious injuries, and the pedestrian’s injury wasn’t detected until after the cyclist had left.

Something very rare, a UK report that identifies the direction of travel for both vehicles involved in the wreck. Cyclist killed in collision with lorry So this was a hit-from-behind wreck on a somewhat busy road, by a vehicle with blind spots you could hide an entire peloton in. But still, how many blind spots are there in front of a vehicle that hide a bike for the entire time it’s in front of the truck? Use hit-from-behind protocol to have some chance at survival.

More from the UK, a cyclist seems to have discovered a cloak of invisibility. Invisibility: a cyclist writes

From Enn Zed, more shockwaves from the recent spate of cyclists killed and injured on the roads. Cycle death in spotlight I’m sorry for the writer, but a door prize is not a “freak accident” but an all-too-common mode of death for cyclists.

And that’s all the news that gives me fits this morning.

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Life goes on, and the Feed

Well in spite of finding out the guy I wanted to torture to death with blunt impact trauma has already died life must go on (just not for him). I never will get to find out why he made a u-turn around a median to come back and kill me, what inspired that level of rage. I think that’s the thing that bothers me the most about this whole “resolution” thing, it doesn’t resolve anything. I want to know “Why?” so I can do something about it in the future. Of course if the answer to “Why?” is “Because I’m an asshole and don’t like bicycles on the road.” there isn’t much I can do about that except request some kind of screening during the driver’s license test that prevents people like that from ever getting a license, along with stricter laws against driving without a license, ideally the same penalties as carrying concealed without a CHL. Whatever, I’m just glad the asshole population on the roads in control of deadly weapons of mass destruction has been reduced by one.

Up first is a report from South NJ of a bike/car fandango. Bicycle rider injured after being hit by car in Absecon, police say I tried to look up the intersection on Street View, but couldn’t. I did use the high resolution satellite view but there were lots of overhanging trees that might have hidden stop signs, so who had right of way in this intersection is a bit problematical. Parsing the report there was no mention of the cyclist running a stop sign, which is something the MSM loves to tout even when it isn’t true, so on the information we have so far, I would say the cyclist had the right of way and the driver of the car “didn’t see him”. Intersection protocol for as much good as it would do.

Speaking of reducing the number of people in control of deadly weapons of mass destruction. UPDATED: Injured bicyclist wasn’t carrying identification The injured cyclist was hit nearly square and then the driver left the scene with heavy front end damage. This appears to be a hit-from-behind wreck during a period of restricted visibility due to weather. The cyclist was obviously not out for fun but to get someplace where he needed to be. All my Central California readers need to be vigilant for a vehicle with heavy front-end damage, most likely to the right front corner.

Up in the Great White North a pedestrian is killed in Vancouver BC. Pedestrian, 80, killed in collision with cyclist If the unconfirmed report that the cyclist was doing at or over 50 km/h is true that puts him at a speed that even in motor vehicles is 50% fatal to pedestrians, but one of the reasons I discount the story is the cyclist was unharmed in the impact, which is highly unlikely. Even at a lower speed of 30 km/h a cyclist hitting a pedestrian has a 50-50 chance of getting an injury requiring a trip to the ER. The pedestrian had just stepped into the bike lane according to one report, and was crossing in a marked crosswalk in another report. Both reports could be correct, crosswalks do extend into bike lanes. Bottom line on this wreck is not to hit the pedestrians. Let me re-phrase that: DO NOT HIT THE PEDESTRIANS!!!!! That would make us no better then car drivers, and who wants to sink that low 😉 ?

Even his fellow truck driver ask what the killer driver was doing even behind the wheel the day he killed. Muswell Hill trucker jailed for killing cyclist whilst hungover…….. The blogger tried to investigate why the driver still had a license after several cases that had removed his license for HGV driving, including three cases of drunk driving. I don’t know about the UK but after your second DUI in the US you lose a CDL for life. And the DUI doesn’t even have to be while driving a truck…

In Enn Zed a female cyclist from last weekend’s mass of wrecks is showing signs of improvement. Schoolgirl cyclist hit by truck stable I really hope she recovers fully and continues to be able to ride should she still desire to.

And finally an interesting story about what happens when helmet cam footage is used to determine fault in a wreck. Study blames drivers for bike crashes Interesting, that when unbiased people look at helmet cam video how much the blame shifts from the cyclist to the driver… In this study almost 9 out of 10 wrecks were because of some misdeed on the part of the driver of the deadly weapon used for transportation, not the cyclist. This jibes with a forensic study done a few years back in Canada where after reviewing the physical evidence of a wreck blame was assigned to the driver about 8 out of 10 times. “Conversely, drivers changing lanes and turning left without indicating or looking were the cause of more than 70 per cent of the incidents.” Interesting that lane changes were lumped into their equivalent of the right hook, but I see a lot of both that had I not been on high alert I would not be doing this particular blog post.

And that’s all the news that gives me fits this Tuesday. now go ride a bike.

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Angry and disgusted, I give you the Feed

Well, it has been an interesting weekend for this blog and this blogger. I announced to my friends and church that the “person” that tried to kill me 8 years ago had been found, in a cemetery. While this brings closure in a way it does somewhat negate my desire to kick the guy in the crotch until my shoe wore out. I could still do that but without the desired effect, I mean, what good does it do to kick a corpse? He’s not going to change his behavior, he’s not going to tell his like-minded friends to change their behavior, or any other positive effect from getting kicked repeatedly in the crotch like watching him go though a small taste of the pain I have endured for the last 9 years. I can’t do anything to his family, he was alone in the truck when he made the U-turn to come back to try to kill me, going after his family physically or financially would be unethical. I mean it’s not like he made any kind of financial gain from his attempt to kill me and the statute of limitations prevents suing his estate. The only thing I can do now is work to make Garland a walkable and bikeable city as quickly as possible. That would have really pissed him off, to make the roads so that not just a few but thousands of cyclists would be using them every day.

Up first is a report on another cyclist killed in the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike. Cyclist struck from behind, killed on U.S. Highway 27 Put the geezer in jail, and keep him there until he can explain why he went off the road to hit a cyclist from behind in broad daylight on a straight road with good sightlines. The passenger in the car was injured in the wreck which indicates the driver was going too fast, so fast that hit objects could cause injury inside the car. This was in no way an “accident”. I don’t know that hit-from-behind protocols would have even been able to be applied in this wreck because of the excessive speed of the motor vehicle. I don’t know what could be done within existing laws and infrastructure to prevent this wreck.

A 13 YO in MA is struck while legally crossing the road. Teen bicyclist struck in Norton and Car hits 13-year-old cyclist in Norton From the 2 reports I can infer that the cyclist had waited until traffic was clear enough so that remaining cars could see him and stop without causing panic braking, but the driver didn’t stop and got a ticket and possibly more charges later.

What has to be either the most stupid or the most ironic headline of the last decade. Court told safety ignored in 2009 fatal crash Unless the crash was caused by a sudden unexpected physical phenomena like a tidal wave in Lake Superior, some safety rules were ignored. In this case the driver failed to pass at a safe distance when he hit the cyclist from behind. The cyclist was wearing blaze orange clothing when he was hit and the driver didn’t swerve until AFTER he hit the cyclist per the witness.

One state over in WI a cyclist is hit from behind by a van. Cyclist killed in Oconto County crash identified as Harold Krueger of Gillett Why there isn’t an instant ticket or charges filed any time a cyclist is hit from behind I don’t know. More than 90% of the time when a cyclist is hit from behind it is the fault of the motor vehicle driver without a doubt, and only a slight question for the other 10% of the cases, especially those cases that happen in daylight. Now 1748 might not be “broad” daylight that far north, but I’m sure it isn’t pitch black either. Anyway, use hit-from-behind protocols to remain alive in situations like this.

Another report on the streetcar/cyclist wreck in the Great White North. Cyclist killed after crash with streetcar The report just doesn’t make any sense, it reads like the cyclist just rode head on into the streetcar deliberately. I think this might be the first actual case of a suicidal cyclist I have read since I started writing this blog at the original site back in 2006.

Enn Zed is still reeling over those deaths last weekend. Death on a country road I really don’t know what a cyclist can do in a situation like this, where there is a car in your lane and no time to react. Even if the cyclists reacted instantaneously as soon as the car was within vision, and dove for the ditch they wouldn’t have been able to get out of the way of a car exceeding the speed limit.

And that’s all I have from the weekend for you.

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Filtering a tiny Feed, then out to save Thanksgiving

Fortunately there isn’t much in the Feed this morning, so I’ll be done and out of here in a flash. I have to go get some tools (oh the horror, I have to buy more tools) to get the heating element out of the oven so it can be replaced. If I don’t do this, well have you ever tried to cook a turkey in a cold oven? We have a 32 pound turkey this year for the extended family, so I really need to get the oven fixed. I’m also supposed to be making rolls again this year, which will require the use of an oven as well.

Up first is my only US article, about a hit-from-behind wreck in ND. Bicyclist struck by car in West Fargo There really isn’t much to say about this one, the car hit the bike from behind, the driver is at fault. Use hit-from-behind protocol to keep yourself from being like this guy

Moving to Enn Zed, their run of bad luck continues with another hit-and-run> Another cyclist hit, driver fled This was another hit-from-behind wreck as the cyclist approached the intersection, then the driver just left. Comments were a mixed bag in this article.

And that’s all the news that gives me fits today. Now I have to go get tools. 😀 I love tools, I love getting paid to buy tools even more 😀

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Another day spent at the LRK, and the Feed

Yes, I had to go spend most of another day at the LRK getting poked prodded and measured, and downloading the data from the blood pressure monitor. Interesting fact: my BP falls dangerously low at night, but is borderline hypertensive during the day… hmmm? Second interesting fact: my pulse was normally under 60 and several times was under 50. Third interesting fact: I don’t work very hard when I walk, my BP and pulse were only slightly elevated during a 2 mile jaunt to the grocery store and back, in fact my pulse never went over 70 during that trip.

Up first because something has to be, Bobke is the latest bicycle celebrity to call for higher sentences for drivers that hit cyclists, especially hit-and-run. Bob’s Beef : Rider gets run over What could I possibly add to that?

In GA if you hit a cyclist from behind on a straight road with no hills and kill hem you will get a ticket: Motorist charged in cyclist’s death Well you might also get a misdemeanor charge. Again to avoid ride further out into the road so you can be seen, and be willing to bail off the bike and let the bike take the hit if getting hit is unavoidable.

In KY they are blaming a cyclist for being in the road instead of the driver that hit him from behind. Cyclist killed on Hurstbourne Parkway; victim identified If you look at the pictures you can see the cyclist was hit from behind while attempting to make a legal left turn, and there is what looks like either a reflector or a tail light visible in one picture. So, we have a cyclist making a left turn with either lights or reflectors on his back end, expecting drivers to see him and not run him over because he is legally lighted or reflectorized, and he gets hit from behind.

Up in the Great White North, a cyclist is hit by a streetcar. Cyclist killed by streetcar OK streetcars don’t make as much noise as regular trains, but they do share one important characteristic with trains: they are confined to run only on steel rails. If you stay away from the rails you won’t get hurt, if you pay attention when you cross the rails and only cross when the train or streetcar is not coming your direction you won’t get hurt. Rule number one when crossing rails, look both ways and then look both ways again. Don’t be stupid or you’ll be dead.

On the other side of the Pond in the UK discussion is rampant about the truck driver that was still drunk the morning after and talking on a cell phone when he ran a cyclist over from behind. Hungover lorry driver killed cyclist and 7 years’ jail for lorry driver who killed cyclist Catriona Patel and another one Family of dead cyclist speak out as lorry driver with ‘the most God-awful hangover’ is jailed for seven years The idiot was drunk and talking on a cell phone and he still didn’t get the maximum sentence under the law? See the first article I linked…

Lots of stuff going on because of the rash of deaths in Enn Zed. Coroner’s inquest into cycling deaths expected and Cyclist’s death prompts removal of parking spaces more Tamaki Drive carparking spaces moved after crash I see some hope with this one as what they are trying to do is reduce the danger from cars without placing further restrictions on the cyclists. More on the subject, How to make cycling safer? Herald readers speak up

And a different wreck in Enn Zed. Young cyclist remains critically ill Another case of getting hit from behind by a driver not paying enough attention to the roads. Not much you can do about stuff like this when road conditions prevent you from having an escape route.

And that’s all the news that gives me fits today.

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After spending most of the day at the Lab Rat Keeper, I bring you the Feed

Lots of fun today at the LRK doing my bit for medical science. As I mentioned they’re trying to get the side effects out of a common BP medication and improve its effectiveness by adding a second medication to it. They have done this before, but now they’re trying to make a cheaper med than the one that already exists to get a better bang for the buck and also do a better job at controlling the side effects. Well to do this they need a metric buttload of data, so guess what I get to provide? The butt. And the heart, lungs, and blood etc.

Up first is yet another Bike Ninja getting killed. Oconto County Sheriff reports bicyclist killed on rural road No lights, no reflectors, and “dark” clothes, and he got hit from behind on a country road. More: Morning State News Briefs: Greenfield soldier dies in Afghanistan The cyclist didn’t even make the top two, but he did beat out the guy hit-head-on in a pickup truck by another pickup truck.

More on the elderly Bike Ninja killed in the most deadliest part of the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bicycle. Bicyclist killed in Hillsborough County

Another update on the oversize truck that hit a cyclist in CA. Court, DMV records show driving history of trucker in fatal Alpine Road crash The driver has a history of speeding and wrecks prior to hitting the cyclist with the driver’s side of his truck. This was also not the first time he killed a cyclist. This is either one of the unluckiest guys on the planet, or he has an antipathy for cyclists, and rules in general.

More on the OH Bike Ninja hit-and-run. Vehicle, driver found in fatal hit-skip case Hit-skip is a term peculiar to Ohio for hit-and-run. It turns out the victim in this case was most probably not riding by choice as his criminal record was a mile long, but that still doesn’t give anyone the right to run him over and leave the scene.

The rest of the wrecks are from outside North America, but we do have some lifestyle stuff for later in the program.

A drunk truck driver talking on a cell phone kills a cyclist and then complains about his hangover. Lorry driver who killed cyclist had ‘godawful hangover’ Well where he’s going he won’t have to worry about hangovers for the next 7 years… And what a name for a drunk driver, Putz.

Oz is still having a bad week for cyclists… Glebe cyclist killed in Alexandria accident.

But not as bad a weekend as Enn Zed. Changes outlined in wake of cyclist’s death and Schoolgirl hit amid cycle death spate more Five cyclists die in five days still more Funeral held for cyclist killed while training even more Mass cycle tragedy: Mum loses fight for life not enough yet Cyclist death toll at five it just keeps coming British cyclist, 27, is hit and killed by truck in New Zealand after car driver opened door in front of her The most recent death was a door prize in the bike lane…

Back in Oz for an infrastructure report. Cyclist’s inquest to hear from Main Roads officials At the time, the Cairns Bicycle Users Group said the accident could have been avoided if government departments had heeded warnings raised by the organisation in 2002.

And as late as it is that’s all the news that gives me fits.

Billed @$0.02, Opus

ATM problems kept me from going to the BPAC so you get the Feed earlier

The ATM at the bank didn’t recognize my PIN (or the lady’s in front of me either) so I couldn’t purchase a ticket to ride the TRE to take part in the BPAC in Arlington. Because of that you get to read this post this afternoon instead of sometime near midnight.

Up first is another cyclist killed in the most deadliest part of the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike. The headline is unintentionally ironic, I hope. Another bicyclist struck by vehicle, killed in Tampa The three counties mentioned in the article were responsible for almost 8% of the bicycle fatalities in the US in 2009. The factors mentioned in the article that contribute to the mess are sprawl with infrastructure designed for moving people between cities not to be inside cities, bad drivers, and bad cyclists that do not know the laws. Throw that together with lots of cars and bicycles and you get carnage you can almost see from orbit. The infrastructure will eventually get sorted out, drivers can be forced to come in for re-training and the bad ones lose their licenses, but I don’t know what can be done about the adults who were either trained wrong or not trained at all about how to ride a bike on the roads legally. Massive PSAs in all media, plus education for kids in schools would do the job, but look to a 10-20 year cycle as a generational change would be required to get the word out to everyone. Basically we would have to wait for the ill- and un-informed to die out and be replaced by the educated.

This update on a DE bike wreck shows the victim was hit-from-behind. UPDATE: DSP identify man killed in bicycle crash near Bridgeville Back channel indicates that the victim may have been doing the pothole slalom near the edge of the road when he was hit. To avoid, ride away from the edge of the road if the pavement conditions are that bad and hold a steady line without weaving. There are a couple of streets where I have to ride almost on the double yellow to find pavement clear of potholes and loose gravel from bad patches of previous potholes. Needless to say this is also a SWSS report as the cyclist may have already been to the left of the potholes.

Something that thankfully doesn’t happen too often. Cyclist attacked with umbrella The article didn’t say if the cyclist was stopped or moving when the attack happened. As for what you should do to prevent finding yourself in the same situation, I don’t have a clue. What do you do to keep crazy people from attacking you with blunt objects from the side of the road?

Not too far from the umbrella attack a cop right-hooks a kid on a bike. 12-year-old cyclist injured when he slides into turning Edmonds police car Apparently the kid was required by someone in authority to ride on the sidewalk instead of in the street where it is actually safer, and got hit because of that. Also, even on the sidewalk where you have right of way, you should stop at stop signs in the road. I’m not saying the kid on the bike had any right of way here, just that even if you do you should stop at stop signs and make sure nobody is going to hit you on your bike.

Last article is from Oz where a cyclist and a truck had a coming together with fatal results for the cyclist. Cyclist dies in accident with truck at Alexandria Not much on the actual wreck in the article, [sarcasm]but I’m so glad and surprized the truck driver wasn’t hurt when he hit the big bad cyclist. [/sarcasm]

And that’s all the news that gives me fits today. After posting this I have to go to a Garland BPAC meeting. Yay!

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