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I’ll let someone else analyze the election, I’ll track the Feed

From what I have read the election results are not good for people that ride bicycles for transportation like myself, but aside from voting my own interests in the recent election there isn’t much I can do about it. My only consolation is the most whacko of the anti-bike extremists didn’t win, most notably Dan Maes in CO. I’m still waiting to find out if he cost the GOP certification in the next round of elections in CO.

Up first because it’s closest to WoaB World HQ in the inner suburbs of Hell is a report of a cyclist down in Abilene. Dead cyclist identified It is possible to have a bicycle wreck and die without intervention from motor vehicles, but in the US it is quite uncommon for that to be the case. LEO are withholding criminal judgement until an autopsy determines if the injuries are consistent with a pure bicycle wreck or if there was a motor vehicle involved.

A hit-and-run wreck involving a cyclist in PA. Bicyclist struck; info sought Why can’t this media outlet call this what it is, a hit-and-run? Aside from the direction of the vehicle and a vague description, and the area of the wreck there was nothing useful for this article, I’m including it because one of you might know the vehicle involved. If you see this vehicle “a silver or gold Toyota Camry” with probable front end damage, well you have the contact information in the article. Do your duty to your fellow cyclists…

From Oz, the second driver in a 2 car hit-and-run death of a cyclist is facing court on charges of leaving a wreck after causing death. Fatal hit-run accused faces court The irony is that had he not left, the first driver would have been the one facing the charges of killing the cyclist, because the wreck threw the cyclist in the path of the second vehicle leaving the driver with no time to react.

And aside from another story about the guy riding the exercycle and an old story about a cyclist getting shot in England that’s the Feed for today. The cyclist that got shot was hit by a stray bullet in a shooting spree, the daughter of that victim made the unintentionally ironic statement that dangerous devices shouldn’t be allowed in residential areas. The ironic thing is more people are killed by motor vehicles in just London than are killed by gunshots in the entire UK. So while I can agree that dangerous devices shouldn’t be allowed in residential areas, we disagree over what a dangerous device really is.

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