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Some stunning news, and the rest of the Feed

Yes I got some stunning news in the Feed after I got home from the Lab Rat Keeper, something that you just never see. I’ll get to that in a moment. (Ain’t I a stinker?) My BP is still way high as the study medication builds up in my tissues until it reaches a level that actually does something besides make my legs swell. I mean my legs are going to swell anyway but they swell much worse on the study med base medication. This is known and for this study the more I have at this phase the better as the other med is supposed to allow a lower dosage of the base med and to also eliminate the swelling caused by the first med. Also I managed to lose 2 pounds in spite of having 2 religious services where large quantities of food were expected to be consumed (by me, people brought extra food just for me at both services, because I ride my bike to the church) and the annual candy gluttony fest we call Halloween in this country between the last 2 weigh-ins. I’m now down to 205.7 pounds.

Amazing news first, cops in 2 separate cars were driving to work and one hit and killed a cyclist, and both were indicted. Two Norfolk officers charged in cyclist’s death Aside from the fact the cyclist would have been legally drunk had he been driving a motor vehicle (VA has a different standard for cyclists and pedestrians than it has for drivers) and the fact they charged both drivers when only the second driver actually hit the cyclist, I really don’t know what’s going on with this one. Speculation in the comments section is that the cops were racing their cruisers, or other horseplay was going on, and that led to the cyclist’s death.

The rest of the Feed is about a cyclist that went around the barrier at a rail-road crossing and got severely splattered. Cyclist rode around barrier before being hit by train and Cyclist killed by GO Train in Scarborough How stupid do you have to be to get hit by a train at a marked crossing with a gate? We need to check this guy’s records to find out. Fortunately, until now I haven’t had to use this one this year, but here goes: Trains are big, brightly lit, and noisy and they are only found on rail-road tracks, there is absolutely no reason on this earth why a cyclist should get hit by a train unless they’re STUPID.

And finally some Infrastructure! news from Norfolk VA. In Norfolk, new bike racks will receive an artful spin Bike parking is one of the neglected parts of bicycle infrastructure, as unlike car parking nobody is required to provide it except in certain very enlightened jurisdictions.

And that’s all the fun I can stand for one day, and all the useful links in the Feed.

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