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Update to the Feed

I just got this link from the Yehuda Moon comments section, about a DA more concerned with drivers keeping their jobs than prosecuting those drivers when they commit hit-and-run assault with a deadly weapon. Alleged hit-and-run driver may not face felonyFelony convictions have some pretty serious job implications for someone in Mr. Erzinger’s profession, and that entered into it.” Erzinger is the driver in this case. The DA was actually more concerned about the driver’s job than about justice for the cyclist for the cyclist that was crippled by the driver’s actions. This is unacceptable, no matter who the victim was, and in this case the victim was a transplant surgeon that specialized in liver transplants. Those don’t come cheap, and 10 or so of those a year constitute a very nice living for the doctor who now can’t do any kind of surgery more complicated than clipping nails.



A mostly outside the US Feed

Today’s Feed was mostly outside the US and North America with Oz and Enn Zed getting the most articles.

Our only US report is a left cross from WI. Bicyclist injured in campus area crash That time of day is after sundown in that latitude, so a light might have helped, but the contra-flow bike lane also contributed to the wreck. The driver was not expecting oncoming traffic on a one-way street and apparently forgot that there was a bike lane coming the other direction. To avoid putting yourself in this situation, first lights after sunset it’s not just a good idea it’s the law. Second add a blinky light to your headlight setup, a bright amber blinky and a steady white are both a legal combination in most countries and very good at making you conspicuous. Lastly, always use intersection protocols at any intersection and always be ready to cut hard right to avoid or lessen the angle of impact of a collision.

From the Great White North of Canuckistan, a driver who was racing another driver that hit and killed a cyclist doing roughly 60 MPH on an inner city street is sentenced. Street racer gets 11 months in jail As the driver being sentenced was racing the driver that killed the cyclist he was convicted as an accessory to the death, and thus given a lighter sentence than the actual killer but still a higher sentence than he would have gotten had there been no wreck

Moving on to Oz we have the first of 2 reports, this one on the sentencing of a driver that hit a cyclist from behind and killed him. Cyclist death driver loses licence, fined $900 $900AUD is a ridiculous amount to pay for killing another driver human being.

Still in Oz LEO suspect the driver that killed a cyclist from behind on a major road was not paying attention to the road. Ya Think!?!. Cyclist killed on dangerous Collie highway First of all the driver was riding in a luxury SUV (at least by Oz standards) on what is known to be a dangerous road, and he hit the cyclist from behind. Well, if you find yourself on a known dangerous road in Australia, use the hit-from-behind protocols in the link at the top of my blog to somewhat protect yourself, as much as that is possible.

From Enn Zed a woman failed to make a corner and hit an immovable object with irresistible force and died. Cyclist dies after crashing into post I know a fast descent is the reward for a hard climb, but you have to keep it under control. Otherwise you might die.

And that’s all the news that gives me fits today.

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