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I’m glad I’m not living in Eagle CO, and the Feed

Seriously now, people are starting to see what we cyclists have been facing for more than 2 decades now, and they’re shocked by it. The story has gone viral, to Huffington Post, NYT, even the Podunk Picayune has an article on the story. The Onion says they had nothing to do with the story as not even in their wildest imaginations could they have come up with a man too rich to prosecute for a felony. So when do we start to eat the rich, and would you use a barbecue sauce made for pork with that?

That NYT article on the Eagle CO debacle. Cyclists Condemn Prosecutor’s Decision Best quote from the article:”Over all, there’s an amazing amount of injustice that occurs to cyclists” The Huffington Post article with more than 5000 comments and climbing. Martin Erzinger, Morgan Stanley Wealth Manager, Won’t Face Felony Charges For Hit-And-Run and the updated story from HuffPost. Morgan Stanley Hit-And-Run: Plea Deal For Perp ‘Far More Punitive’ Than What Victim Wants, Says Colorado DA I just got an updated search from the Feed as I was doing this paragraph, and there are more than 2 pages of links to this story. Morgan Stanley Money Manager in Hit-and-Run Controversy Felony charge dropped because it could affect wealth manager’s job How to buy your way out of a felony charge From the UK Morgan Stanley financial adviser escapes felony charges for hit-and-run ‘because it could jeopardise his job’ This article points out that Mr. Hurlbert seems unable to make a case stick against wealthy defendants. Kobe DA Hurlbert blasted for lesser charges in hit-and-run case Ruling Class Laws Hedge Fund Manager Escapes Felony Charges Thanks to His Job According to this letter from Hurlbert himself the plea bargain was made and accepted months ago, but the victim wasn’t informed until it was too late, and now it is in the hands of the judge who has not been named publicly. Vail Valley Voices: DA explains controversial plea bargain “Controversial” is an understatement. Financial manager Martin Erzinger to accept plea bargain in Vail hit-and-run Cycling advocates blast Colo. legal move <–Ya think? DA: Hit-And-Run Suspect Won’t Face Felony Because Of Job Martin Erzinger Dodges Felony Hit and Run Charge: ‘Too Rich’ Colorado’s latest moment in the blog spotlight is not very flattering Streetsblog is slightly incensed about the situation If You Ever Want to Maim Someone With Your Car, Get a Job at Morgan Stanley And what I sincerely hope is satire from CNBC Did Cops Target Hit-And-Run Driver Because He Was A Rich Private Wealth Manager? At this point this story has reached the point where satire is nearly impossible to detect from the actual truth, because the truth reads like absurdist satire. Felony Charges Dropped in Hit-and-Run… …so that a Morgan Stanley wealth manager can keep job See what I mean? My former employer’s take on the subject. Morgan Stanley advisor almost kills cyclist and gets away Hit-And-Run Money Manager Gets Off Easy and from my other favorite bike blog Another black eye for bikes in Colorado – Updated I might have left a comment or 2 on this article… Wealthy fund manager avoids felony charges after running over cyclist because of… wealth Another piece I can’t decide if it’s real or satire… Does Wall Street Have A Problem With Felony Charges? Rich Vail Fund Manager Hits Cyclist And Runs, Gets Off Because Charges Might “Jeopardize His Job” More reactions from not-so-jolly Jolly Olde Misdemeanour prosecution sparks outrage in Colorado hit-and-run case Anger at dropped felony charges in Colorado hit and run case Lawyer Objects To Charges In Hit-And-Run That’s another “Ya think?!” Forbes magazine chimes in. Wall Street Broker Escapes Felony Hit-And-Run Charge I like the subhead on this one “A stockbroker in Denver is giving everyone yet another reason to hate anything associated with Wall Street.Hurlbert stands by plea bargain That comment from the prosecutor is pure BS, plea bargains are never set in stone. Morgan Stanley Money Manager Ducks Felony Charges And that is it for this story.

After a CT cyclist is killed people blame the infrastructure instead of the idiots driving cars. Make Biking, Walking Safer I suspect the reason stricter enforcement and harsher penalties against drivers for actions that lead to the death or serious injury of non-motorized transportation users is that there are so many people that fall into that “idiot with a car” category.

A college student in Tampa asks if the most deadliest town in the most deadliest state in the US can be safe to ride in. Cycling in Tampa Bay—safe? I think last year 16% of the cyclists killed in the US were killed in FL, and that half of those were killed in the 3 counties containing and surrounding Tampa/St. Pete. What that means is that fixing those 3 counties has a significant effect on the national fatality rate.

There were developments from outside the US that had nothing to do with Eagle CO.

I don’t know if this was a case of car-head bias or just plain classism, but either way it can’t be tolerated in a civilized country like the UK. Policewoman is disciplined after calling girl, 16, hit and killed by a patrol car a ‘scumbag’ The driver in this case was doing 90 in a 30 MPH zone when he hit the cyclist, more than 3 times the posted limit. It wasn’t stated in the article if the officer was using the lights and siren, but at that speed it might not have made a difference in the cyclist’s reactions.

A ride in Oz to get people in cars to drive so that people not in cars can continue to live. Thousands ride to promote road harmony With almost 2 million riding, only 9000 getting hurt bad enough to require hospitalization is not a bad ratio, but it could be improved upon with better laws, enforcement, and infrastructure…

And that’s all the news that gives me fits so far today. I would sincerely like to see Eagle CO disappear in a cloud of radioactive dust over a cooling pool of molten glass, but you would have to figure out a way to get all the innocent housekeepers and pool maintenance guys out first without alerting their evil overlords. I don’t see that happening.

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