My Christmas/Yule wish list

Yep, that time of year again. My family wants to know what I want for Christmas, besides my own private road where no cars are allowed that always goes where I need to go.

Well I still need a real bike headlight , not a flashlight held onto the handlebars with a pair of hose clamps, and a real taillight to go with it. Of course there are cheaper headlights and taillights available on the Internets. You can also get headlights and taillights locally as well. Lighted wheels make the bike much more visible from the side. Wrist bands with blinky LEDs make signalling turns at night much more visible.

Clothing I need a new reflective vest. I need new long sleeve jerseys like the red one in the tall 2XL but the yellow or orange in 2XL regular will work almost as good (the jerseys I have now are more than 6 years old and are riding up my belly when I lift my arms). I also need new tights because you can see through the knees of the tights I have now, but you can get tights cheap locally from the running shops because I don’t need the crotch pad of cycling shorts/tights. I need the 2XL tights from the link, without the pad. I don’t know what that translates in running tights sizes, but I have a 37-38″ waist.

On non-bicycle related front I really need a new computer . Don’t worry about which flavor of Windows is installed, I’m going to wipe it and install Ubuntu. So a used notebook with WiFi will do the job, assuming it actually is capable of doing the job. I need enough CPU and memory to handle having as many as 20 browser windows open with all that Flash and other things that web sites use now to slow down your computer. I really need to be able to watch Vimeo and YouTube videos so I can get all the information about news stories, that I haven’t been getting lately because the computer I have now does not handle Flash Audio properly. So I need a new ‘puter to do what I do here better.

Other things I need? Way too long a list. The bath for the master bedroom needs to be remodeled as the shower is literally falling to pieces. The fence needs to be replaced or removed. The main bath needs to get a new faucet and the shower fixed. The oven won’t get to temperature or hold the set temperature when it does get to temperature. That’s kinda bad because I bake bread for spending money to get stuff for my family. I could also use some help with building my travel camp trailer to haul behind my bike, like the tent part. I have the design, just not the tools or expertise to turn the idea into reality. The dishwasher won’t let the water in when it runs (hard to clean dishes without using any water). The list is just endless.

So, that’s my list for this year.

PSA, Opus


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