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A US light Feed

Well if you’re looking for links from stories in the US you’re outta luck. If you want links from the rest of the Anglophone world then you found a source today. We got one US link and links from all over the world in the Feed today.

Up first because I said so (that’s actually the reason for the order of all the links in all the posts, because I said so) is a report on a Russian man injured on his bike going through rehab for a brain injury. Injured Cape cyclist retrains his brain Yes he got the brain injury in the US which is why I made it first link. I don’t know that a helmet would have made any difference in this injury but it might have, so wear a helmet. Not because I said to or because it might be a law, but because it’s the only protection we get as cyclists, a helmet and a pair of gloves.

This is depressingly similar to a wreck I didn’t link to but should have last week. Cyclist killed avoiding pothole Different place, different make of bus, same outcome. Unrideable road defects the cyclist came to at the same time as a killer motor vehicle passes = dead or seriously injured cyclist. This is another reason not to be a gutter bunny. Unrideable road defects like potholes are more frequent near the edge of the road and driver pass more closely if you ride at the edge of the road, meaning that you’re more likely to get passed at an unsafe distance as you encounter an unrideable defect if you ride at the edge of the road. The pavement is in better condition and drivers pass with more distance if you ride in the middle of the lane.

I don’t know what to say about this wreck as all mention of the boy’s bicycle was removed from the article by the time I finished filtering. Boy dies in Timehri crash There was nothing about the bicycle in any of the comments, either. Anyway it was an intersection wreck, so intersection protocols to avoid a similar fate.

Infrastructure news from L.A. L.A. plans crackdown on harassment of bicyclists. Are new laws necessary? [Updated] A major reason for the law is commenters like jlee, who equate riding a bicycle with playing in the street. Take that attitude to the actual street and you need laws like the proposed L.A. ordinance…

And that’s all the news that gives me fits. I didn’t see any articles on bull riders lately, I wonder if this is their off-season?

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