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Back at work, with the Feed

Well, it was a busy weekend for Yr Fthfl Svnt, with 2 church services, a church BOD meeting, and a hard session of submarine building pretty much totally occupying my entire Sunday from waking up until going to bed, plus all the fun and games from Saturday I related in that day’s post. After all that it is almost a relief to get back to writing the blog posts, except for the subject matter.

Up first because something had to be, a MD cyclist runs a red light and gets hit. Glen Burnie bicyclist critical after being hit by car This is why I keep giving out instructions on how to deal with traffic lights that don’t change for cyclists, because this is one of then major reasons why cyclists run red lights. If a red light won’t change for you on your bicycle you have to treat the defective light like a stop sign. Notify the appropriate authority as soon as possible that the light is defective, and be sure to tell them that you were riding a bicycle, which is a legal road vehicle.

A crazy man attacks a cyclist in NYC. Queensboro Cyclist Attack: “His Face Was Shattered” Not much you can do about crazy people attacking you on your bicycle, even when they aren’t driving a car.

A drunk on a cell phone hits a cyclist and gets arrested. Cyclist hit, hurt; driver charged Since there was nothing in the report about the cyclist’s direction or lane placement when I read the report I can’t tell you how to avoid the same wreck. I can say I’m pleased that driver was arrested and charged with a felony for her part in the wreck, but I would have preferred that there had been no wreck to begin with.

A teen cyclist in CA is hit twice, the second time hit-and-run. Teen Cyclist Hit, Killed In Vacaville I still don’t see why a crosswalk was even mentioned in the report, bicycles are vehicles and are allowed to use the streets and roads.

Another report on 2 zero-emissions vehicles having a wreck in Vancouver BC. Concept car from Zero Emissions race hits cyclist I have to say that what they have done so far with the vehicles is impressive, having driven across two continents (Europe and Asia) under electric power, just to get to the North American leg of the trip.

It was a very bad weekend in Enn Zed. Three cyclists among 12 road deaths at weekend and Cyclist Dead After Being Hit By Car and 12 dead in weekend road carnage also Pregnant mum and baby die and the horror continues Cycle crash driver tormented over deaths still more Pregnant crash victim named So far it appears that none of the cyclists killed or injured was doing anything wrong, they were just in the wrong place at the wrong time for a driver to screw up and kill them. My most sincere condolences to all the victims and witnesses, and the drivers, too. Most of the drivers did not deliberately set out to kill someone that day, they just screwed up and things went south in a big way.

In what I think might be a distraction attempt, an Indian news outlet reports on a bad week in Peru. 18 killed in Peru road accidents There was a cyclist amongst the 18 dead and dozens injured.

And that’s all the news that gives me fits this Monday.

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