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Same old, same old, the Feed

Some of that headline is because of updates or other outlets licking up a story, and some of it is because I keep seeing the same types of wrecks over and over again. It’s like nobody is paying attention to me when I post how to not get hit by cars, because they keep doing the same thing with the same results. As evidence to that I point out the number of reports of cyclists running red lights in today’s Feed. How many times a week do I give instructions on how to deal with a defective traffic signal? And yet people keep running red lights and getting killed, not just lights that change from green to amber to red after they enter the intersection, but cyclists that enter after the red has been on for 10-30 seconds. The size of the clue-by-four that drivers wield is about 1 1/2 to 4 tons, and it hurts like the dickens if it doesn’t kill you. I mean hospital stay hurt, even from drivers that don’t hate cyclists. Don’t give the drivers that don’t hate us reasons to hate us. Don’t run the freaking red lights.

And up first are reports on a cyclist that did run the freaking red light. Bicyclist hit by car, injured in T.O. and Morning Report: Cyclist hit by car, injured in T.O. In the first report there were 2 different wrecks where the cyclist had run the red and got hit by a driver that couldn’t see him because of no lights. This breaks 2 of my “rules” for cycling, the first being that if you ride “ninja” in non-reflective clothes at night without lights you have to ride like you’re invisible, because you pretty much are, the second being if you have to run a red treat it like a stop sign and wait until crossing traffic is clear before proceeding.

Still in CA is a hit-and-run on a cyclist by a drunk driver in broad daylight. Cyclist Injured By Hit And Run Driver In Castaic It was nice of the driver to pull into a parking lot before passing out drunk behind the wheel of her car, but she should have never left from where ever she left driving drunk in the first place. Insert usual rant about drunk drivers that hit-and-run, rabid wolverine version.

A story that has changed since I started writing this post, about a hit-and-run In UT near my old stomping grounds as a teenager. Teen tells police she hit cyclist who was killed in Draper When I first pulled the story up it was a hit-and-run with an unknown vehicle, but when I pulled it up for this post it was a hit-and-run by a teenager. Needless to say this is a story where you don’t want to read the comments.

A rather sketchy report on a cyclist killed in the most deadliest part of the most deadliest stat in the US to walk or ride a bike. Bicyclist struck and killed near Clair Mel The URL for this report uses the word “pedestrian” instead of “bicyclist” indicating the cyclist was hit so hard they bike was so far away from the body they didn’t initially associate it with the body. I don’t know what the report will look like when you click, so I will copy and paste what I see: “TAMPA – The Florida Highway Patrol says a bicyclist was struck and killed on 50th St., south of Causeway Blvd. Tuesday morning.

The driver of the vehicle did not see the biker, and hit the cycle. The cyclist was thrown from the bike, and died as a result of head injuries.

The accident happened on 50th St. S, near St. Paul St. in the Palm River/Clair Mel area.

The investigation is ongoing.” If what you read is substantially different from this would you please post a comment to this post so I know about it? I have had more than one story change between filtering and posting already today.

Speaking of reports that change between filtering and posting to the blog, another hit-and-run went from unsolved to driver found. Driver located in cyclist’s death This was a hit-and-run by an unknown vehicle when I first pulled it up but the second time was what you see here. Now they are saying the cyclist didn’t have lights or reflectors on the bike, but that wasn’t mentioned in the first time I pulled the article up. AFAIK it was a hit-from-behind wreck, use the appropriate protocol to avoid a similar situation.

Back in CA the driver that hit a cyclist with the driver’s side of his truck killed another cyclist in 2007. Truck driver in Alpine Road collision also involved in fatal 2007 crash in Santa Cruz Combine this with the earlier report that the truck’s left side collided with the cyclist’s right side, and you get a serious “Wait a minute” moment.

What is widely reported as the most callous driver in the world is suing the parents of his victim because they let him ride his bike without a helmet which caused him serious mental anguish after hitting the teen at 83 MPH in a 45 MPH zone and driving without a license after several DUI convictions. Man who killed teen cyclist sues parents and from Jolly Olde Parents whose son was killed when car hit his bicycle are sued by jailed driver who says he should have worn a helmet Anyone that thinks a helmet would have made one iota of difference in the survivability of an 83 MPH impact on a cyclist has serious mental problems that didn’t begin with killing a child.

Another article on the 2 zero-emissions vehicles having a wreck. Cyclist injured in collision with vehicle at Zero Emissions Race

Since we were linking from Jolly Olde, we might as well show that stupid people exist on both sides of the Pond. Hit-and-run killer asks court for his driving licence to be returned two years early and Driver who killed cyclist while racing at 80mph asks for provisional licence back Yep stupid people can have British accents just as easily as American.

An uproar over cyclists in the roads after 3 of them were hit by a driver on the wrong side of the road over the weekend. Action urged after three cyclists die and Driving and cycling habits under fire after three deaths more Driver forces cyclist off road – lectures him still more Killed cyclists were in training for Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge

Things were not much better over in Oz. Three die on NSW roads on Tuesday Since there was nearly nothing about the bike wreck I don’t have anything I can add about your safety in a similar wreck except to not ride a bicycle in Oz.

A report on what appears to be the Dick Cheney of India. Convoy car kills cyclist in Assam, minister makes exit

And that’s all the news that gives me fits. I’m going to read some comics and hopefully get rid of this headache before I go talk to the Garland City Council about their PD not knowing the laws.

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