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After spending most of the day at the Lab Rat Keeper, I bring you the Feed

Lots of fun today at the LRK doing my bit for medical science. As I mentioned they’re trying to get the side effects out of a common BP medication and improve its effectiveness by adding a second medication to it. They have done this before, but now they’re trying to make a cheaper med than the one that already exists to get a better bang for the buck and also do a better job at controlling the side effects. Well to do this they need a metric buttload of data, so guess what I get to provide? The butt. And the heart, lungs, and blood etc.

Up first is yet another Bike Ninja getting killed. Oconto County Sheriff reports bicyclist killed on rural road No lights, no reflectors, and “dark” clothes, and he got hit from behind on a country road. More: Morning State News Briefs: Greenfield soldier dies in Afghanistan The cyclist didn’t even make the top two, but he did beat out the guy hit-head-on in a pickup truck by another pickup truck.

More on the elderly Bike Ninja killed in the most deadliest part of the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bicycle. Bicyclist killed in Hillsborough County

Another update on the oversize truck that hit a cyclist in CA. Court, DMV records show driving history of trucker in fatal Alpine Road crash The driver has a history of speeding and wrecks prior to hitting the cyclist with the driver’s side of his truck. This was also not the first time he killed a cyclist. This is either one of the unluckiest guys on the planet, or he has an antipathy for cyclists, and rules in general.

More on the OH Bike Ninja hit-and-run. Vehicle, driver found in fatal hit-skip case Hit-skip is a term peculiar to Ohio for hit-and-run. It turns out the victim in this case was most probably not riding by choice as his criminal record was a mile long, but that still doesn’t give anyone the right to run him over and leave the scene.

The rest of the wrecks are from outside North America, but we do have some lifestyle stuff for later in the program.

A drunk truck driver talking on a cell phone kills a cyclist and then complains about his hangover. Lorry driver who killed cyclist had ‘godawful hangover’ Well where he’s going he won’t have to worry about hangovers for the next 7 years… And what a name for a drunk driver, Putz.

Oz is still having a bad week for cyclists… Glebe cyclist killed in Alexandria accident.

But not as bad a weekend as Enn Zed. Changes outlined in wake of cyclist’s death and Schoolgirl hit amid cycle death spate more Five cyclists die in five days still more Funeral held for cyclist killed while training even more Mass cycle tragedy: Mum loses fight for life not enough yet Cyclist death toll at five it just keeps coming British cyclist, 27, is hit and killed by truck in New Zealand after car driver opened door in front of her The most recent death was a door prize in the bike lane…

Back in Oz for an infrastructure report. Cyclist’s inquest to hear from Main Roads officials At the time, the Cairns Bicycle Users Group said the accident could have been avoided if government departments had heeded warnings raised by the organisation in 2002.

And as late as it is that’s all the news that gives me fits.

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