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Another day spent at the LRK, and the Feed

Yes, I had to go spend most of another day at the LRK getting poked prodded and measured, and downloading the data from the blood pressure monitor. Interesting fact: my BP falls dangerously low at night, but is borderline hypertensive during the day… hmmm? Second interesting fact: my pulse was normally under 60 and several times was under 50. Third interesting fact: I don’t work very hard when I walk, my BP and pulse were only slightly elevated during a 2 mile jaunt to the grocery store and back, in fact my pulse never went over 70 during that trip.

Up first because something has to be, Bobke is the latest bicycle celebrity to call for higher sentences for drivers that hit cyclists, especially hit-and-run. Bob’s Beef : Rider gets run over What could I possibly add to that?

In GA if you hit a cyclist from behind on a straight road with no hills and kill hem you will get a ticket: Motorist charged in cyclist’s death Well you might also get a misdemeanor charge. Again to avoid ride further out into the road so you can be seen, and be willing to bail off the bike and let the bike take the hit if getting hit is unavoidable.

In KY they are blaming a cyclist for being in the road instead of the driver that hit him from behind. Cyclist killed on Hurstbourne Parkway; victim identified If you look at the pictures you can see the cyclist was hit from behind while attempting to make a legal left turn, and there is what looks like either a reflector or a tail light visible in one picture. So, we have a cyclist making a left turn with either lights or reflectors on his back end, expecting drivers to see him and not run him over because he is legally lighted or reflectorized, and he gets hit from behind.

Up in the Great White North, a cyclist is hit by a streetcar. Cyclist killed by streetcar OK streetcars don’t make as much noise as regular trains, but they do share one important characteristic with trains: they are confined to run only on steel rails. If you stay away from the rails you won’t get hurt, if you pay attention when you cross the rails and only cross when the train or streetcar is not coming your direction you won’t get hurt. Rule number one when crossing rails, look both ways and then look both ways again. Don’t be stupid or you’ll be dead.

On the other side of the Pond in the UK discussion is rampant about the truck driver that was still drunk the morning after and talking on a cell phone when he ran a cyclist over from behind. Hungover lorry driver killed cyclist and 7 years’ jail for lorry driver who killed cyclist Catriona Patel and another one Family of dead cyclist speak out as lorry driver with ‘the most God-awful hangover’ is jailed for seven years The idiot was drunk and talking on a cell phone and he still didn’t get the maximum sentence under the law? See the first article I linked…

Lots of stuff going on because of the rash of deaths in Enn Zed. Coroner’s inquest into cycling deaths expected and Cyclist’s death prompts removal of parking spaces more Tamaki Drive carparking spaces moved after crash I see some hope with this one as what they are trying to do is reduce the danger from cars without placing further restrictions on the cyclists. More on the subject, How to make cycling safer? Herald readers speak up

And a different wreck in Enn Zed. Young cyclist remains critically ill Another case of getting hit from behind by a driver not paying enough attention to the roads. Not much you can do about stuff like this when road conditions prevent you from having an escape route.

And that’s all the news that gives me fits today.

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