Filtering a tiny Feed, then out to save Thanksgiving

Fortunately there isn’t much in the Feed this morning, so I’ll be done and out of here in a flash. I have to go get some tools (oh the horror, I have to buy more tools) to get the heating element out of the oven so it can be replaced. If I don’t do this, well have you ever tried to cook a turkey in a cold oven? We have a 32 pound turkey this year for the extended family, so I really need to get the oven fixed. I’m also supposed to be making rolls again this year, which will require the use of an oven as well.

Up first is my only US article, about a hit-from-behind wreck in ND. Bicyclist struck by car in West Fargo There really isn’t much to say about this one, the car hit the bike from behind, the driver is at fault. Use hit-from-behind protocol to keep yourself from being like this guy

Moving to Enn Zed, their run of bad luck continues with another hit-and-run> Another cyclist hit, driver fled This was another hit-from-behind wreck as the cyclist approached the intersection, then the driver just left. Comments were a mixed bag in this article.

And that’s all the news that gives me fits today. Now I have to go get tools. 😀 I love tools, I love getting paid to buy tools even more 😀

Billed @$0.02 Opus


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