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Angry and disgusted, I give you the Feed

Well, it has been an interesting weekend for this blog and this blogger. I announced to my friends and church that the “person” that tried to kill me 8 years ago had been found, in a cemetery. While this brings closure in a way it does somewhat negate my desire to kick the guy in the crotch until my shoe wore out. I could still do that but without the desired effect, I mean, what good does it do to kick a corpse? He’s not going to change his behavior, he’s not going to tell his like-minded friends to change their behavior, or any other positive effect from getting kicked repeatedly in the crotch like watching him go though a small taste of the pain I have endured for the last 9 years. I can’t do anything to his family, he was alone in the truck when he made the U-turn to come back to try to kill me, going after his family physically or financially would be unethical. I mean it’s not like he made any kind of financial gain from his attempt to kill me and the statute of limitations prevents suing his estate. The only thing I can do now is work to make Garland a walkable and bikeable city as quickly as possible. That would have really pissed him off, to make the roads so that not just a few but thousands of cyclists would be using them every day.

Up first is a report on another cyclist killed in the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike. Cyclist struck from behind, killed on U.S. Highway 27 Put the geezer in jail, and keep him there until he can explain why he went off the road to hit a cyclist from behind in broad daylight on a straight road with good sightlines. The passenger in the car was injured in the wreck which indicates the driver was going too fast, so fast that hit objects could cause injury inside the car. This was in no way an “accident”. I don’t know that hit-from-behind protocols would have even been able to be applied in this wreck because of the excessive speed of the motor vehicle. I don’t know what could be done within existing laws and infrastructure to prevent this wreck.

A 13 YO in MA is struck while legally crossing the road. Teen bicyclist struck in Norton and Car hits 13-year-old cyclist in Norton From the 2 reports I can infer that the cyclist had waited until traffic was clear enough so that remaining cars could see him and stop without causing panic braking, but the driver didn’t stop and got a ticket and possibly more charges later.

What has to be either the most stupid or the most ironic headline of the last decade. Court told safety ignored in 2009 fatal crash Unless the crash was caused by a sudden unexpected physical phenomena like a tidal wave in Lake Superior, some safety rules were ignored. In this case the driver failed to pass at a safe distance when he hit the cyclist from behind. The cyclist was wearing blaze orange clothing when he was hit and the driver didn’t swerve until AFTER he hit the cyclist per the witness.

One state over in WI a cyclist is hit from behind by a van. Cyclist killed in Oconto County crash identified as Harold Krueger of Gillett Why there isn’t an instant ticket or charges filed any time a cyclist is hit from behind I don’t know. More than 90% of the time when a cyclist is hit from behind it is the fault of the motor vehicle driver without a doubt, and only a slight question for the other 10% of the cases, especially those cases that happen in daylight. Now 1748 might not be “broad” daylight that far north, but I’m sure it isn’t pitch black either. Anyway, use hit-from-behind protocols to remain alive in situations like this.

Another report on the streetcar/cyclist wreck in the Great White North. Cyclist killed after crash with streetcar The report just doesn’t make any sense, it reads like the cyclist just rode head on into the streetcar deliberately. I think this might be the first actual case of a suicidal cyclist I have read since I started writing this blog at the original site back in 2006.

Enn Zed is still reeling over those deaths last weekend. Death on a country road I really don’t know what a cyclist can do in a situation like this, where there is a car in your lane and no time to react. Even if the cyclists reacted instantaneously as soon as the car was within vision, and dove for the ditch they wouldn’t have been able to get out of the way of a car exceeding the speed limit.

And that’s all I have from the weekend for you.

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