A light Feed and much to do before Turkey Day

I am going to be swamped this afternoon by all the things that need doing, not the least of which is fixing the stove so turkey might be cooked. I also have a submarine that needs to be worked on for the Solstice parade, and I need to cobble up the trailer hitch on Blue Bike to tow said submarine. Blue is almost excited about this, but I think he’s more interested in not getting banged against the submarine “bones” every time he gets put away. Blue isn’t as communicative as Gigi was, but is a better bike than Gigi was, except for using the bike racks on the bus and train.

Most of the bicycle related stuff is from outside the US and most is from outside North America. There was a ‘bike” wreck that involved a motorcycle hit from behind at a traffic light, which just goes to show that even a large vehicle with a motor and bright lights is no protection from idiots.

Another report from the most deadliest state to walk or ride a bike in the US on the car that went off the road to hit a cyclist. Cyclist dies in road wreck As I said yesterday, the car went off the road at a substantial speed as documented by the passenger’s injuries. I don’t know that even using hit-from-behind protocol would have helped in this wreck because of the closing speed.

More on the pedestrian fatality with a bicycle in Vancouver BC in Canuckistan. Vancouver senior struck and killed by cyclist This report is much less sensational than the report that came in yesterday. The reported 30+ MPH cyclist speed from yesterday is very unlikely as there were no steep hills in the area and aside from the pedestrian’s head injury there were no serious injuries, and the pedestrian’s injury wasn’t detected until after the cyclist had left.

Something very rare, a UK report that identifies the direction of travel for both vehicles involved in the wreck. Cyclist killed in collision with lorry So this was a hit-from-behind wreck on a somewhat busy road, by a vehicle with blind spots you could hide an entire peloton in. But still, how many blind spots are there in front of a vehicle that hide a bike for the entire time it’s in front of the truck? Use hit-from-behind protocol to have some chance at survival.

More from the UK, a cyclist seems to have discovered a cloak of invisibility. Invisibility: a cyclist writes

From Enn Zed, more shockwaves from the recent spate of cyclists killed and injured on the roads. Cycle death in spotlight I’m sorry for the writer, but a door prize is not a “freak accident” but an all-too-common mode of death for cyclists.

And that’s all the news that gives me fits this morning.

Billed @$0.02, Opus


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