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I need to be making T-shirts, and the Feed

Too late for this year, but I really need to be doing T-shirts on Cafe Press. There are so many people that come here looking for a witch riding a bicycle that I think a T-shirt with that image could be a big seller. Naturally I wouldn’t make much selling from Cafe Press, but I think the satisfaction of making something for my fans and followers would make up for that. I was also thinking of selling “sharrow” shirts with “Share the road, Not the lane” captions. What do y’all think?

Up first is another article I got via personal e-mail, about someone that had a minor wreck on their bike and swore off riding on the roads because of that. Fell Off My Bike, and Vowed Never to Get Back On I think most of you have read the About Opus page about my wreck and aftermath, well I have no memory of ever not wanting to ride a bike as soon as I was able. Actually I got back on the bike before I was able to really, it was how I figured out my knee was still busted up. But I can see how some people might think twice or even more about getting back on the bike after a wreck.

Up in NJ a bike is hit by a truck. Cyclist struck at Route 1&9 and Duncan Avenue in Jersey City At this point LEO is not saying who had the right of way, which is usually the case when the cyclist was in the right. Anyway, intersection protocol with the head on a swivel might keep you out of the same situation.

A very strange report on a wreck in OR. Police try to ID man in Eugene bicycle crash and Police try to ID man in Eugene bicycle crash Same headline, different paper. Apparently the head injury caused some “unusual” behavior from the victim. I would say keep your pants on after a wreck, but obviously this guy was not rational after the wreck whether due to injury from the wreck or something from prior to the wreck.

From the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike, more on a Saturday bike/truck wreck. AP Top Stories and Name released of man involved in Saturday bicycle-truck crash From the description of the wreck the truck driver just pulled out without looking to see if anyone was still in the intersection and hit the guy riding the bike. For a cyclist this is one of the things that really bothers me, the “Green means Go, and you better not be in my way” mentality of people driving deadly weapons. Especially when faced with a short light cycle and a large road to cross a cyclist may start immediately when the light changes and still be a couple lanes from completing the crossing when the light changes and the people in those lanes decide to go.

Finally up in the Great White North someone is trying to drive home (no pun intended) the harsh facts of driving around pedestrians and cyclists, that in the vast majority of the wrecks the pedestrian or cyclist is going to sustain some kind of injury that requires transport to a medical facility. Watch where you’re driving! The most telling statistic is in the caption of the lead photo: “Walking and cycling can be dangerous methods of transport in a city where one pedestrian is injured every 4.3 hours and one cyclist is injured every 8.8 hours.

And that’s all the news I can stand for one day.

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