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Another trip to the Lab Rat Keeper, and the Feed

I made another trip to the LRK today to monitor my vitals and check to see that I have been a good boy and taking my meds. I had a new nurse taking my vitals which is always funny to watch, a little less so now that they started warning the new hires about my rest pulse. I was really working the old cardiac muscle hard 46 times a minute with an average BP of 121/79. This is what happens when I don’t get to finish my coffee before leaving the house, with a “normal” dose of caffeine my rest pulse is up around 50-55…

Up first from the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike we get another DUI hit-and-run murder… Fla. man charged in death of cyclist As of the moment the charge is DUI manslaughter, but I’m sure a more appropriate murder charge will be filed eventually. As for how to avoid, fat chance. The cyclist was killed well off the road on the shoulder and was hit from behind, to have gotten any further over the cyclist would have had to be riding in the loose gravel and broken glass on the unimproved portion of the shoulder. The cyclist had already done as much as any rider could to prevent his own death, but there isn’t much you can do about drunks aside from installing a breathalyser interlock on cars as they come off the assembly line.

On the other side of the country a doped-up driver with a kid in the car hits a cyclist and leaves the scene, but witnesses recall the distinctive paint job on her car and she’s caught within hours. PD: Hit-And-Run Driver Caught On drugs, carrying drugs, with a baby in the car, runs a red light and t-bones a cyclist, yep, they’re digging a new basement for her to live in under the jail. Shame about the boy losing his mommy, but I think CPS (or the CA equivalent) will be able to find him a much better parent that will take care of him and make sure he takes his meds to control the “issues” his mother left him with…

Ghost bike in the PGH. Ghost Bikes: Rough memorials honor cyclists killed while riding When I think how close I came to “earning” a ghost bike of my very own…

A Canadian cyclist is honored by the formation of… a hockey team? Tribute to fallen cyclist It’s a cute jersey, and I don’t know how big a hockey fan the cyclist was before he was killed, he might have been a huge Leafs fan. The important part is that something came out of this for the good of many if it couldn’t be good for all.

In Jolly Olde a truck driver that killed a cyclist gets jail. Ten months in jail for lorry driver who killed Margate cyclist The driver was looking for “boy racers” that used the area as a racetrack instead of paying attention to the cyclist he hit at a pedestrian crossing (the cyclist wasn’t in the pedestrian crossing, he and the truck were going the same way).

From Oz, someone booby-trapped a popular cycling route with a live electrical wire. Prank puts cyclists’ lives at risk The wire would have caught anyone riding a bike taller than a recumbent low-racer, hitting an adult on a DF bike about stomach height.

Still in Oz, the widow of a cyclist wants to speak with the board deciding the professional fate of his killer. Cyclist’s widow wants legal board reform The driver was a douche, and the widow wants to put a face on the victim for the board debating the killer’s punishment.

In news from fictional universes, the man that attempted to kill Yehuda Moon was arrested today and charged with multiple counts including attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon as well as felony littering. Confessions

And that’s all folks!

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