Daily Archives: December 2, 2010

A fellow bike blogger requests a guest writer, and a very light Feed

Unlike me the author of Biking in LA doesn’t go off the air when his Real Lifetm intrudes on his ability to post articles to his blog. He requests guest writers to make posts until his Real Lifetmis back under control. So, if you want to get your toes wet in the exciting high paying world of bicycle advocacy over the internets, (why hasn’t the sarcasm HTML tag been implemented yet?) here’s your chance. Personally I’m a little bit too far removed from LA to cover for that blog.

In a tragic case of “and your little dog, too” a cyclist and his dog are dead after a hit-and-run. Cyclist, dog die after hit and run accident It was a mid-block wreck but there was nothing about the possible direction of impact from the weapon vehicle. If you live in the area and know of a vehicle matching the suspect vehicle call the contact number in the article and nail this (person descended from unmarried parents with a family tree that doesn’t have (m)any branches). See, swearing without swearing 😉

And that’s the entire Feed, no filters. Now I’m going to get the bike trailer ready to connect to the submarine. And if that doesn’t sound right and you’re getting confused, welcome to my world.

Billed @$0.02, Opus