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I have “done art”, and the Feed

Yes, I am returned from “doing art” for Art Love Magic at the DART Green Line celebration. I have one thing to say about it: doing drawings in a high wind on a piece of cardboard does not lend itself to very accurate artwork. Or very pretty artwork. But I’m not a graphic artist, I’m a baker of breads, a metal worker, a writer, and a performer of poetry…

Up first because it came up in a separate e-mail is an addendum to my Christmas/Yule list. American-Made Cycling Gear You’ll Love I like to tool set, and the u-lock the really big one that would do a lot of damage if someone got in the way of someone swinging it. All I have to lock up with now is a puny cable lock that came with Blue. My good locks went bye-bye with Gigi when I forgot to lock her up.

And someone that needs to have a U-lock used on them. Police Still Seek Driver Who Injured Cyclist If you know a skinny kid like the one sought and you live in the area be sure to dump the body on the steps of the police station. To avoid a similar wreck this seems to be a hit-from-behind, so use the hit-from-behind protocol to avoid, and develop cat-like reflexes.

Another case of SWSS hit the ABQ. Family, colleagues remember slain cyclist Unlike the majority of the people leaving comments on this one I refuse to believe the driver’s story unless I can see onboard video from the garbage truck, and since I can’t see the video, or any video for that matter I won’t believe it for a long time… A link to some video, not sure if it’s the same as the one that was at the top of the article, since I can’t view videos with this ‘puter. Cyclists demand safer conditions

Things are getting worse in the Augusta area since the Army surgeon was hit from behind. Bicyclists see more buzzing since Ironman The comments were almost completely moronic when I read the article…

A letter to the editor about the recent settlement of a lawsuit over a truck that right-hooked a cyclist with fatal results. A cyclist dies, and a motorist drives on The only thing I can say is the letter writer never drove a really big truck, that much mass can hide hitting something as light as a human being pretty well, it can hide running over a small cinderblock out building and completely destroying it, a human isn’t even a bump. But a driver will know he passed a cyclist and turned before clearing him… The comments were not totally clueless.

NY state considers adding bike safety instruction to their driver’s ed requirements. Cyclist’s Death Inspires Driver’s Ed Legislation In the case of the woman that inspired this legislation this would not have helped as the “driver” did not have a valid license, but more education would never be a bad thing. While we are at it how about a real test to make sure all this added education sticks? And some way of re-testing drivers periodically to make sure they are aware of changes in the laws?

Things are not so jolly over in Jolly Olde. Cyclist in Yeovil shot in leg with air rifle That’s gotta hurt, but at least it isn’t fatal. I wonder what inspired this level of violence against the cyclist?

And that’s all the “news” I can stand today. I’ll be back on Monday with more links.

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