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Riding the virtual alleycat, and the Feed

It’s an “Interesting day” so far today, got up and immediately got on the computer to “ride” the Yehuda Moon “Virtual Alleycat” race and got on a site and couldn’t find teh checkpoint, so I bookmarked the site and got to filtering the Feed and making the post.

Up first for no particular reason is a very brief article from Seattle. Bicyclist Seriously Injured In Collision With Car I don’t see what the problem is with LEO in this case. The cyclist was riding as required in the outside lane, the driver changed from the inside lane to the outside lane and hit the cyclist from behind. The charge is attempted murder with aggravating circumstances, life without parole , go to prison and stay there forever. To avoid as a cyclist, use the hit-from-behind protocols, as a driver maybe some anger-management classes to deal with displaced anger issues because there is nothing the cyclist in the other lane is or has done to you that in any way justifies this behavior.

Still on the West Coast but moving a little south to CA, a lawsuit over an unsafe and unmarked road condition. Council To Hash Out Million-Dollar Lawsuit Filed By Injured Cyclist Apparently there were metal plates left in the road that were the same color as the pavement instead of being marked with red paint on the edges and also raised up on the leading edge of the plate that if you didn’t hit the plate just right you would lose control of the front wheel and crash like the plaintiff. The problem is if you have to be constantly watching for people in motor vehicles trying to kill you you can’t also keep an eye out for slick metal plates at an angle to your path. I really don’t know how you can avoid wrecking on a hazard like this.

A cyclist who was killed is remembered for another one of the things he loved. A new legacy for the man who loved music and lifeLast week, the symphony announced the Shermans’ $40,000 gift will create an endowed chair in David’s name.” That will certainly make people remember you for being something other than a guy that got killed riding a bike.

A story that I’m sure those of you who don’t strictly use this site as your cycling news source have heard of by now. Driver who killed eight cyclists in horror road smash was high on marijuana Usually pot mellows you out and you don’t drive angry (or so I’m told, I never knowingly consume mind-altering substances stronger than caffeine and then operate a motor vehicle), but this driver was under a ban for dangerous driving in Italy so there might have been some other issues that had nothing to do with smoking pot.

Another cyclist is killed in India by a speeding car. Five people killed in road accidents in Faizabad The driver was going too fast but in trying to not hit the cyclist with his entire family on the bike he ran head on into a bus and still killed the cyclist and his entire family. There were entirely too many variables in this one to tell you how to avoid a wreck like this. From the story it sounds like there was severely impaired sight lines in both directions. Add vehicles travelling too fast for conditions and you get mayhem.

The widower of a cyclist that was killed by a head-on driver in Enn Zed shows compassion for the driver. Widower says driver ‘a victim too’ I still can’t see what she was a victim of other than her own bad judgement in driving too fast, but I will acknowledge the man for his compassion.

And that is all the news that fits today.

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