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Why I voted before I lost my virginity

Cartoon for Dec 07, 2010

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I didn’t win the alleycat, and the Feed

Well I didn’t win the alleycat yesterday, neither was I lanterne rouge, so unless I get picked at random I got bupkiss. C’est la vie. Tonight I’m going to speak to the Garland City Council about pedestrian crossings in our little suburb of Hell. I don’t post too much about walking, but the crossing logic here is the pits. Reversing the logic into car terms, imagine driving your car and every intersection you come to is red in all directions while the pedestrian crossing lights cycle through and let people cross the street normally. If you want to go through the intersection you have to park your car and get out and walk to a pole on the side of the street and push a button that may be facing in any direction, with 2 buttons to control crossing in both directions and the buttons are not clearly labelled as to which direction they control. Anyway depending on when in the light cycle you press the button the light might change while you’re still standing by the pole and cycle back to red before you can get back to your car to cross the street, and if you can’t get across the street before the light changes you have to go back to the pole and wait through a light cycle to push the button, because if you push the button too quick it will just get ignored and you have to wait longer to get the button push accepted by the light controller. All this time people are using the pedestrian lights without any input, they just step to the corner and the light changes and they cross with the walk/don’t walk control. Now reverse that so that people in cars just drive up and the light changes and pedestrians have to figure out when in the light cycle they can push the button and get across the street and all the other folderol, and that is the pedestrian crossing “system” in Garland (and most of the DFW area).

Up first is a wreck that challenges my abilities as an investigator. Bicyclist Injured In Marina Wreck If you look at the bike wreck image you can see the left rear dropout is missing from the frame, something that requires a huge amount of force, but if you look at the wheel it is only slightly distorted. Either that is an incredibly stout wheel or the dropout was a failure waiting to happen. Anyway driver clearly at fault on this one as it was a mid-block hit from behind wreck, use the hit-from-behind protocols.

In the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike the media is trying to get the word out to the people doing the killing. Tampa Bay has had nine bicycle fatalities in just over four months LEO have stated that most of the wrecks were at least partially the fault of the driver, that single-mode infrastructure has a big share in the blame, and that most people had no idea of what the laws were for riding bicycles, including the cyclists, unfortunately. Education is going to be a huge part of the solution because even if you get the cyclists all following the laws if the people with the deadly vehicles don’t get the message those law-abiding cyclists are still going to get hit by drivers that have mistaken notions about where cyclists are supposed to be on the roads.

In CT a cop accused of spending six hours drinking a bar and then hitting a cyclist with his car has his employment fate debated. Town board to decide Windsor Locks cop’s fate Personally I think they should have just shot him at the scene for DUI homicide and spare everyone the expense, but we are a nation of laws and procedures that must be followed to determine guilt and innocence, he might not have been drunk after spending six hours in a bar drinking… Anyway, hit-from-behind wreck, you know what you need to read to know how to avoid the wreck if it is possible to avoid.

In Enn Zed, at least some of their political class knows what ultimately causes cyclist and pedestrian deaths. Attitude change needed to reduce cycle deaths – Joyce Yep, the ultimate cause of highway death is the attitude of drivers in control of multi-ton killing machines. I suggest as a first step confiscating the car involved in a pedestrian or cyclist wreck as evidence in a criminal case with the car remaining in custody until the case is no-billed by a grand jury or the conviction. If the driver is convicted of a crime connected with the wreck the motor vehicle is destroyed, if the driver is no-billed the driver gets a pile of parts where the forensic mechanic checked the vehicle for faulty safety components like steering and brakes, assembly back into a working car being the responsibility of the car owner to make sure the car is working safely and so as to not impose any liability on the forensic mechanic for possible mis-assembly.

Lifestyle of the cycling kind. Man takes up cyclo-cross to help wounded troops and Stepfather cycles in memory of late Ohio Marine Two articles on the same story…

And that’s all the news that gives me fits today…

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