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I really should wear a helmet before beating my head against the wall, and the Feed

Well I presented my message about the crappy design and condition of the pedestrian crossing signals in our little suburb of Hell which is why I posted the headline I did. My head literally hurts from the level of car-head I got in feedback from the Garland City Council. The majority just don’t get it, and the one or two that do get it don’t really get it.

Up first today is something else that makes me feel like I’m hitting my head against the wall. The report comes from the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bicycle. 9 bicyclists die on Tampa roads since midsummer Yes another article that bemoans the abysmal state of the roads and the users of those roads, but that ignores the root cause of deaths by motor vehicles: motor vehicle operators. Now I’m not going off like some anti-gun nuts here and calling for banning motor vehicles, the laws for controlling the carnage caused by the proliferation of motor vehicles already exist, the issue is enforcement of those laws. We have speed limits, insurance laws, licensing, registration of motor vehicles with required inspections, but yet somehow even when it’s obvious that a law was broken by a driver that resulted in a cyclist getting killed or injured nothing happens to the driver. One major problem is unless a LEO sees someone breaking most of these laws even when someone is killed as a result no crime was committed. This has to change, or more people will die as a result. I’m going to put a rant at the bottom of this blog post about the subject and what I think needs to be done about it.

Closer to home another cyclist is seriously injured by a driver changing lanes without see someone already in the other lane. Lawyer riding bicycle injured by SUV The cyclist was lit up like a Christmas tree and covered in reflectors and still got hit by a 19YO in control of the SS Titanic on wheels…

In Oz a man is being sentenced in a hit-and-run that left a cyclist crippled for life. Man facing sentencing for hit-and-run Actually by the time this gets posted he will have already been sentenced, I hope for a very long time. [pun]I don’t know if the Powerpuff Girls were involved with the case (look at the name of the municipality where this takes place [/pun]).

Still in Oz a cyclist is injured. Cyclist injured in traffic accident at Long Jetty When the article was posted the cause and the other vehicle had not been announced by LEO. From the picture it looks like an intersection wreck of some kind, so intersection wreck avoidance protocols apply with adjustments for driving on the wrong side of the roads in OZ.

In the wake of a series of cyclist deaths caused by motor vehicle drivers Enn Zed is getting serious about the needs of cyclists on the roads. Capital’s cyclists most at risk – report The first step of fixing a problem is defining what the problem is. The article quotes a LEO that was killed riding his bike: “It’s less about roads, but it’s all about attitudes.”

Finally, before the rant, a kid in Wales comes up with a device that could save lives, inspired by a friend hit while riding his bike. Cyclist warning device for drivers could save lives Maybe we could make installing this device on all cars mandatory inside of a decade with roll-out on new cars starting in 5 years.

[rant]This is what I think needs to be done: if there is evidence that a wreck that causes serious injury or death was caused by violating a traffic law then a felony has been committed. The violation does not have to be seen by LEO but may be determined by physical evidence. As an example hitting a cyclist would be prima facie evidence that a 3-foot passing law was broken to make this relevant to this blog. Any collision would be sufficient evidence of driving too fast for conditions. And any hit-and-run that results in death should be a major felony with serious prison time if convicted. A wreck when driving without a license should be aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. And my opinions on drunk drivers are well-established in this blog. The physics of motor vehicles are not hard to understand, when motor vehicles hit unprotected human bodies those bodies get injured and die at frighteningly high rates because of the physics of motor vehicles. An SUV at 25 MPH has more killing energy than a .44 Magnum bullet, why are we not treating mis-use of an SUV as seriously as mis-use of a .44 Magnum pistol?[/rant]

And that’s all the news that gives me fits today. I have a wall that needs to be knocked down, and I haven’t beat my head against one enough…

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