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My headache is better and a light Feed

Well an additional 24 hours out does wonders for the headaches of dealing with politicians who just don’t get it on pedestrian infrastructure because the furthest they ever walk is from the parking lot to the front door of WalMart. The issues of dealing with people getting killed or injured on bicycles I have long since become immune to except for the really egregious ones, so you don’t have to worry about that. I feel like chucking the whole mess and moving to a tent in the woods about twice a month then I have a good night’s rest and I’m over it until the next time.

Up first today is another pedestrian killed by a cyclist, this time in DC. Elderly D.C. man hit by bicyclist dies OK, again: DON’T HIT THE PEDESTRIANS!! They and we are on the same side of the issues against the killer cars. We like pedestrians. DON’T HIT THE PEDESTRIANS!! ESPECIALLY DON’T HIT AND RUN AGAINST PEDESTRIANS!! You don’t want me moving to a tent in the woods do you? Then try to avoid impacting with pedestrians.

In Enn Zed two cyclists that had very similar wrecks share recovery stories. Cyclist’s recovery story offers hope to Jacqueline’s family The older cyclist will be riding in an Ironman qualifier later this year after being run over by a semi, the younger has not yet finished her ordeal with surgery and re-hab but should make a complete recovery in time.

And in Jolly Olde a hit-and-run against a boy crossing the road in a crosswalk with the light, bicycle involved somewhere. Cyclist injured in Bitterne hit and run crash Yes, they really did mention the price of the bike before they mentioned the extent of the kid’s injuries. As for how to avoid, when you cross an intersection with the light and someone runs the red after you are in the intersection there really isn’t much of a way to avoid the wreck, particularly if you are walking your bike on a crosswalk.

And that is the entire Feed, unfiltered. Well I did filter it bit nothing got excluded from the final product in the filtering process. What you got today was exactly what I got this morning, less the snarky comments on the blog, of course. 😉

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