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What is with all the crazies on the roads? The Feed

I’m beginning to think a psych profile test would be a good thing to include in the written portion of the driver’s license test, because there are some seriously crazy people driving cars out there just in my little suburb of Hell. I’m sure they don’t all live here that a random distribution will have pockets of crazy but seriously, WTF? I got passed on the left at a stop sign by someone that blew the stop sign while I was trying to make a left turn and signalling my turn! White Ford Explorer I’m watching for you to screw up again.

First today is a cyclist hit in an intersection by a Ford sedan, in CA. Bicyclist injured in collision with car Why do they assume the driver of the car had the green? Why is it always the cyclist that ran the red? Anyway, don’t run red lights or even yellows because you might get caught in the intersection when the light changes if you enter the intersection when the light is yellow. Also if the light cycle is really close you can enter on a green and still be in the intersection when the light changes to red, but that doesn’t appear to be the case in this wreck.

The cop that is accused of killing a cyclist after spending 6 hours in a bar is now an ex-cop. Town board fires Windsor Locks cop in fatal crash A cop can be fired for an “appearance of illegality” as proven by a preponderance of the evidence rather than by the “beyond reasonable doubt” standard in criminal cases, and as the cop was never tested for BAC% at the time of the wreck there is nothing that can be used in a criminal proceeding, but the security video of him spending 6 hours in the bar drinking something was more than enough evidence to get him thrown off the force.

Another former cop is facing homicide charges for hitting a cyclist from behind because he was driving with clinically impaired vision. Eaton Rapids Twp. man to stand trial crash that killed cyclist (w/video) The impact between the cyclist’s head and the passenger side mirror was so violent the remains of the mirror “exploded” into the vehicle. The driver admits to driving with impaired vision but claims the cyclist was riding “too far into the road” and not being a gutter bunny. Had the cyclist been in the middle of the road do you think the half-blind driver with Macular Degeneration might have seen him a bit better, or still hit him from behind with enough force to crush his skull?

Apparently the high-class scum that hit-and-ran against a cyclist and had the felony charges dropped because he was “too rich to prosecute successfully” forgot to file his report that he was charged with the felony so he may end up losing his job anyway. The Explainer: Failure to communicate Martin Joel Erzinger’s latest filing failed to disclose the felony charges against him in September, before the charges were dropped, which means he could lose his license to work in the securities field.

Meanwhile on the other side of the world, a cyclist is killed in Oz. Cyclist killed in accident north of Doyalson and NSW police appeal for accident witnesses also Cyclist killed in highway crash In this wreck it appears the cyclist was hit from behind on the shoulder of the road by a drunk driver trying to get around traffic. The cyclist had no chance to avoid the wreck. more Driver faces charges after bike rider killed There was another wreck reported that appears to be a Oz version of the left cross where a driver turned right in front of and hit a cyclist who was going straight down the road in the opposite direction. To avoid this kind of wreck you have to use intersection protocols, except backwards from the US versions. Where we would turn hard right, in Oz, Enn Zed, the UK, and Japan you would be prepared to turn hard left to reduce the angle of impact and the severity of the wreck.

Sill in Oz, a driver is convicted of killing a cyclist. Death of cyclist The driver was doing almost 60 MPH in spite of only being able to see clearly for about 30 feet in front of him because of the angle of the sun. His lawyer tried to point out at least his client was sober and not taking drugs at the time of the wreck.

Infrastructure news from NYC. Escalating Bike Lane War at City Council Inspires Borough President to Break Into Song A major part of the issue here is that so little instruction has been given on how to use this bit of infrastructure, very few people know what to do with it. Seriously unless you’re a bike infrastructure wonk most drivers, pedestrians, and casual cyclists don’t know how to use a bike lane, not to mention all that bad education left over from the period when cycling was treated like playing in the street and people were told to ride facing traffic. I mean seriously, they mark a chunk of the street as a “bike lane” and people are supposed to know without any education how to use it? Did you know how to use a street the first time you saw one?

And that is all the news I can handle today. Tonight I have to go be fitted to a costume resembling the Yellow Submarine and finish making the costume, as well as other “churchy” things and I don’t know when I’ll be able to get the post up on Saturday. But Y’all have a nice weekend anyway, I’m going to try.

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