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Things are getting hectic around the WoaB HQ

Yep, things are getting mighty hectic around the WoaB World HQ here in the suburbs of Hell. I’m supposed to lead the procession in the Winter SolstiCelebration, originally pulling a trailer with a model of the Yellow Submarine, and now with a costume of it when we discovered the trailer plus bike combination was too long to make the turn at the top of the aisle to the stage 2 weeks before the event after it was way too late to make a smaller model on a shorter trailer. So the Submarine Krewe has been running around like the proverbial decapitated chickens making a costume for me to wear while riding Blue in the procession next Friday evening. The tricky part is the decorating with what we had purchased for the trailer version of the sub, which was supposed to use Yellow Pages pages for part of the coloring.

Up first is a wreck that was down the road a bit from WoaB HQ. Bike Rider Hit on Westheimer As of the posting of this article the identity of the cyclist was not known, hopefully it will be in the article when you read it. From the pictures that were posted I would say this was a case of right hook as the driver tried to enter the driveway of whatever store that was. I’m going to say probably a Lowe’s. That would imply intersection protocol should have been used. Remember every driveway is really an intersection where you could be left-crossed or right-hooked by an oblivious driver of a WMD. I would suggest a large-caliber recoilless weapon, but if you have time to get a shot off in those circumstances you would have time to avoid the wreck unless you mount the trigger on the handlebars and fire as you are going down, and then what’s the point? You aren’t preventing a wreck just evening out the damages from it…

A wreck in El Tour that I didn’t find out about until today…Tucson Health: Injured El Tour cyclist still in the hospital Yes, bad situation and I hope the rider recovers soon from the head injury. From what I can find out there was some kind of pavement problem that threw the cyclist off the bike when he hit it. Also from what I have been able to find out the pavement defect was indistinguishable from the good pavement next to it, so be very careful around construction if you have to ride in the proximity of road construction.

Moving to the far northern reaches of the United States we have a hit-and-run in Billings, MT. Bicyclist injured in downtown hit and run The cyclist had a broken leg and no head injury and it was necessary to report helmet wearing because…? Anyway, mid-block hit-from-behind wreck requires hit-from-behind protocols to avoid, assuming there was enough time to avoid this one. Please don’t read the comments on this one, I’m used to stuff like this and they still turned my stomach. Particularly the comments from the user “civility”…

Not your typical bike wreck in Bermuda. Cyclist and motorcycle rider injured in collision; Warwick home burgled The injured in the wreck were 59 and 60 YO, not your typical motorcycle riders or bike riders. There is still no information as to the nature of the wreck, directions of travel &tc.

When they have a bicycle wreck in Nepal they don’t do it by halves. Two killed, 25 hurt Actually only one cyclist was killed, the other wreck with the fatality and the 25 injured was a bus driving over a cliff.

Last report in the Feed is a recall notice. CPSC Recall: Seattle Bike Supply recalled 200 Redline D640 bicycles This one could be very bad, the head tube of the frame can separate from the frame taking the fork with it, leading to a loss of control. If you own one of these bikes take it back to the retailer for a replacement frame as per the recall.

And that’s the entire Feed for today, I have to go do more Muggle stuff now.

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