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The hardest half-mile I have ever ridden

You might not think a half mile of cycling is very hard, but rehearsal for the procession was hard tonight. Imagine wearing a costume that functions as the world’s largest pair of horse blinders, riding in circles in a small space filled with people, and during the live performance those people will be wearing costumes that hinder their vision, too. I’m not supposed to hit any of the other performers. This is a celebration of the season, marking the deepest time of darkness and the eventual shift to the light, not a slap-stick comedy.

And you really need to come to the SolstiCelebration at the Cathedral of Hope this Friday.

PSA, Opus


It’s going to be a busy week, and a Modest Proposal

The upcoming week looks very busy for yr fthfl svnt, I have rehearsal for the SolstiCelebration tonight and Tuesday, finishing the final touches on the costume and a trip to the Lab Rat Keeper on Wednesday, a possible return visit to the LRK Thursday, the performance at the SolstiCelebration Friday night, followed by a nervous breakdown Saturday and helping with the Yule services on Sunday, Yep, very busy with lots of miles on the bicycle. [nods head] 🙂

After Filtering we only have 2 links to one story in Oz, about a guy hit in the bike lane and dragged for either 75 or 100 meters (80 to 110 yards to the metrically challenged). Cyclist broken after being dragged by 4WD and Cyclist dragged 100m down road by 4×4 in Secret Harbour Hit from behind by a driver that was either inattentive or asleep and “serious injuries, including breaks to both arms, both legs, pelvis and internal injuries, while the other escaped with minor scrapes to his right arm” when the other guy wasn’t even hit by the motor vehicle, just debris from the first guy getting hit. I’m going to be honest here and say that I don’t know if the cyclist that was hit directly is going to survive, or what his quality of life is going to be if he does survive. I will say that both riders in this wreck were doing exactly what they were supposed to do, riding in the bike lane with the flow of traffic in something of an echelon formation (not side by side but not single file either) to make themselves more visible, and they were still hit from behind. They need to throw the book at this driver, and a couple of bricks as well, then run him over with a Supersized Unnecessary Vehicle for 75 meters. At the bare minimum he needs to pay all the expenses the victims accrue including all lost income for the first year after the wreck.

Now my modest proposal for TX, and any other state that wants to use it. All I ask is that you attach my Nom de Plume to the tax: The Opus the Poet Hit-and-Run tax. As many of you have noticed and sent me private e-mails about, a large fraction if not a majority of the wrecks involving cyclists are hit-and-run, and due to either shoddy police work or a lack of clues many of those the drivers are never found. What I am proposing is a vehicle tax to pay for the medical bills and lost income of the victims of hit-and-run also on rehabilitation of people who lose their jobs because of their injuries and for getting SSI disability for those that qualify, with whatever is left over from the tax to be spent on emergency medical services such as trauma centers, in other words using the tax to pre-pay for the facilities that save the lives that the tax also pays for when someone is hit-and-run. This tax should be itemized on the vehicle registration so that people have a better idea what hit-and-run costs them and all the citizens of TX (or whatever state decides to asses the tax).

And that’s all the news that gives me fits today, more later.

Billed @$0.02, Opus