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A bit off my game, the Feed

I’m running very late tonight as I had to work on the Yellow Submarine costume for the SolstiCelebration after visiting the Lab Rat Keeper. The good news is that my weight is exactly the same this morning as it was 2 weeks ago. The bad news is that every 15 minutes I lose use of my left arm as a machine tests my BP and pulse, but the data gathered is beyond value.

Up first is an article from right next door about the unfortunate situation on the Katy Trail in Dallas. Dallas Considers Safety Options for City Trails Unfortunately I don’t know that the proposed speed limit will do any good, because technically the trail is a highway and has a mandatory minimum speed limit of 30 MPH under TX law. I don’t know about you but most cyclists I know can’t hold that speed for very long.

Because there is no numerical standard of when a person is impaired by narcotics a doped-up piece of scum gets off with a slap on the wrist. Plea reached in cyclist’s east Modesto death Seriously, oxycodone and marijuana in his system and they can’t prove impairment for a drunk driving conviction beyond a reasonable doubt? TANJ!

The lawyers for Martin Joel Erzinger (remember that name rich readers, you don’t want your money tainted by his foul hands) are trying to say he was drunk on new car smell when he hit the liver transplant surgeon Dr. Stephen Milo and left him to die. ‘New Car Smell’ Cited In Hit-And-Run I would really like for them to try that, because that allows the felony charge to be reinstated. If the lawyers really use that argument then they are admitting he was driving while impaired which makes the hit-and-run a felony. Do it, do it!

Moving to the Great White North a killer driver claims obliviousness in a DUI hit-and-run. Driver who killed Ottawa teen cyclist pleads guilty to impaired driving causing death Yeah, that didn’t really work well in court either. “It is Daoud’s second impaired-driving conviction.” And with any luck it will be his last, as he never gets behind the controls of a motor vehicle again in his life.

In Enn Zed they believe in quick justice, the driver that killed 3 cyclists on the wrong side of the road has already been convicted less than 2 weeks after the wreck. Family of killed cyclist plead for caution Seriously, if we could get convictions like this in the US… As for how to avoid, you really have to be able to depend on drivers staying on the correct side of the road.

A news article from England about infrastructure in Mesa AZ. Mesa, Arizona working to make streets safer for cyclists

And that’s all the news I can stand without having a fit.

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