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Still playing catch up, the Feed

Well it’s official. I have a computer generated printout and everything that says I have a weird cardiovascular system from the 24 hour ABPM record that was taken yesterday and this morning, with almost 25% of the readings having a heart rate of less than 50 BPM (21 readings out of 86). As my wife puts it my heart has to stop and think about it between beats and then go “aww, OK I’ll beat again this time.” The LRK thinks this is mainly due to having gotten into insanely good condition from having done 120 mile round trips on a bicycle to have lunch with an ex-girlfriend and never having lost the edge from that period in spite of not reaching those mileage standards ever again.

Up first is another hit-and-run in the Golden State. Authorities ID cyclist killed in hit-and-run in La Quinta I have a cure for hit-and-run, hit someone and injure them and you lose your car, poof (crunch) it gets shredded and recycled into commuter bikes. Hit and kill and on top of prison you lose driving privileges for life with getting caught driving having the same charges as violent felons getting caught with firearms. As for how you can avoid a wreck like this I don’t know. The victim was hit from behind in the bike lane, already as far off the road as he could get and not be on the sidewalk, so standard hit-from-behind protocol would not have been able to help in this wreck. Sometimes you just have to accept that there is just nothing a cyclist can do and still ride a bike that will prevent a wreck.

Still in CA, a city settles out of court for broken infrastructure that left a cyclist brain-damaged. City Settles with Injured Cyclist Dust on a steel plate and a skinny-tired road bike ridden by a cyclist with less than stellar bike skills and a serious step up onto the plate all added up to a disaster for the cyclist and by extension the city. To avoid a similar wreck work on pulling the front wheel back under the bike after it gets away from you.

Another Portland bike wreck, but a little light on information. Police investigate fatal Southwest Portland crash that killed one Yeah, lots of information here (not).

From the Great White North comes more information on the drunk driver that hit-and-run and killed a cyclist. Driver who killed cyclist pleads guilty Again they claim the driver didn’t know she hit the cyclist like that was something that mitigated the hit-and-run.

An Aussie cyclist is remembered. Ride to honour late cyclist One line from the article resonates: “[E]very cyclist should be able to feel safe and that right should be respected by all motorists.” I don’t know how this cyclist was killed, but from the article it is obvious the car driver was at fault…

Update on the progress of the law that would require drivers to be educated about the laws that bicycles are subject to, rather than the imaginary laws that drivers invent for cyclists to be subject to. State Senator Wants to Require Bike-Safety Training … For Drivers I think this is the only way that drivers and cyclists will get along, educating both sides about the laws. Thing is for the wreck that inspired this law, since the driver was unlicensed the driver would not have gotten this information… But for the vast majority of drivers this will be a very Good Thing.

And that’s all the news that gives me fits tonight.

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