It’s my slow time of year, the Feed

Actually it’s only the slow time of year for the blog, I resemble a one-armed wall paper hanger. We just finished painting the last details on the Yellow Submarine costume yesterday, I have to give Blue a bath this afternoon, the performance is tonight, and I need to buy my wife’s birthday present before midnight tomorrow. I found out Wednesday that I will be stuck off-stage in my costume (sitting on Blue) for the entire show so that I can be part of the big finale escorting the guy portraying John Lennon out of the building along with the rest of the Yellow Submarine Krew (stage division) there being no way to get off Blue until the costume is cut off of Blue. Seriously this has been like a small army, fortunately I was a high-ranked soldier, not the HMFIC of the routine. I helped build the costume, which started out as a elaborate trailer with a model of the YS on it until we discovered that the combined trailer and bike were too big to make the turn at the top of the aisle across the stage. Months of work down the tubes (as well as about $100 in materials) because of a mistake in the original spec. I’m also on the stage division of the Krew because it’s my bike and I have experience riding bicycles on this stage. The scary part of this is the costume functions as a huge set of horse blinders that severely restrict my vision to the side, and I have to ride in circles on stage in a crowd of other performers that are not part of the Krew and whose costumes will not have much better vision than mine and the whole bunch of us will be in a space that tapers out from the turn area which was about 6 feet to maybe 15 and maybe 30 feet long. Yee-haw! At the end of the show the YS and Krew get behind “Lennon” and Amy Martin and escort them to the back of the hall, along with the rest of the opening procession.

Up first because if is the most infuriating thing I have had to put in the blog in years, the “trial” of Martin Joel Erzinger. District attorney seeks to bar Vail victim’s testimony in plea hearing The DA is acting more like he’s working for the defence than the state and the victim Denver man gets probation in hit-and-run accident Watch this man, tape his every move and when he breaks the law present it to the judge and demand that Erzinger’s probation be revoked. I don’t care if you have to catch him spitting on the sidewalk to do it, get this POS in jail where he belongs. And “new car smell” made him wreck? That makes the “twinkie defence” look like a marvel of legal scholarship in comparison. Even the viewers of the Colbert Show think this stinks of privilege for the rich. Ditto the Daily Show viewers.

And another SWSS in KS. 76-year-old cyclist injured after crash with car on Kasold Drive After the previous links I’m all out of outrage for this one. Kick his car-driving butt! Meh! Hit from behind protocols for this one, along with a video camera on the bike and/or helmet to disprove the driver’s statement.

And that’s all I have today.

Billed @$0.02, Opus


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