Indoor miles that count

Well they don’t count very much because there aren’t that many of them, about a full mile from 2 rides, Monday and today. I am of course talking about the rehearsal and the performance of the Winter SolstiCelebration this week where I rode around in a Yellow Submarine costume (more or less, it was Yellow and resembled a picture of something that might be used in or under the water). The really fun part was the restricted vision the costume caused me, and the fact that I had to ride in circles surrounded by people in costumes that had a similar effect on their vision. I ran into one tonight that wasn’t in the same place he (she?) was during rehearsal Monday, but nobody got hurt. I hope to have pictures to link to later in the week.

The fun part next year is that whatever I get to do on the bike next year, I get to do twice because there will be two performances of the Winter SolstiCelebration next year. I have already started designing a HPV that can make the turn at the top of the aisle and go across the stage and has better side vision than the horse blinder costume I wore tonight, while being bigger than Blue for better visibility from the audience. I’m starting now so that the vehicle will be built and tested before any costuming has to be made so as to avoid the issues we had this year of having the vehicle almost completed when we discovered that it wouldn’t make the turn at the top of the aisle across the stage because it was too long. The costume I wore almost didn’t fit through the turn either, but I measured the aisle and the area in front of the stage where I would be riding so I can set up a course to test the vehicle(s) out and see what went right and wrong. Also I’m looking for donations to build the vehicle next year, either in kind (materials) or monetary as I don’t have the funds to build these things on my own any more.

PSA, Opus


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