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A brief respite, and the Feed

I actually have a day that I’m not spending at least part of on the road today. I get to Filter and post and after I’m done I’m going to read some comics and have a few laughs and not think about bicycles and people getting hit while riding them. But first I have to compose this post and let you know what’s going on around the world.

Up first is a report that updates an earlier report on a wreck down the road from the WoaB World HQ in the suburbs of Hell, in Austin. Struck cyclist hanging tough, family says In this article we discover that the driver of the weapon vehicle was drunk, lied about the wreck, and denied the cyclist’s right to be on the street where he was hit. We also discover that the cyclist’s body had left a human-shaped imprint on the hood of the weapon vehicle, and that the bicycle was equipped in excess of the minimum requirements for night-time visibility. If the driver had not been drunk, he should have been able to see and avoid hitting the cyclist. After reading this report and the comments of people that witnessed the wreck or read the police report I can say that there was not a whole lot a cyclist could do to prevent this aside from not being outside on a bike to enjoy the night, and when the drunks dictate your behavior then the war is lost and the drunks have won.

After a long struggle a cyclist succumbs to his injuries. Bicyclist dies after collision with vehicle The cyclist was riding on a through street and was hit by a car that ran a stop sign. This was another wreck the cyclist could have done nothing to prevent.

One of the nice things about living on a small island is that hit-and-run drivers have no place to hide if someone really looks for them, and in this case someone really did. Friends of hit-and-run victim help locate suspect in case On the one hand I’m happy and proud that the cycling community came together over this and found the culprit and turned him over to police, on the other hand why was it necessary for the cycling community to come together and find the culprit and turn him over to police? As for avoiding the wreck, there was nothing the cyclist could have done differently to avoid this wreck except to abdicate his rights to use the road at a time of his choosing. The bike was lighted front and rear and the victim was wearing a reflective garment of some kind, probably a vest, and was at the head of a similarly equipped group ride when he was hit from behind, while riding on the shoulder of the road.

The family of the cyclist run down by an oversized rig in CA are suing the driver and the trucking company. Family of Los Altos Hills cyclist files wrongful death suit against trucker, demolition company and Lawsuit Filed Against Big Rig Driver and Owner in Portola Valley Death of Avid Cyclist, Mother The CHP description of the wreck makes no sense, and the lack of witnesses makes getting any actual justice in this case a matter for the lawyers of the victim and the trucking company to wrangle over rather than the prosecution and the driver’s defence lawyers. The number of fatal wrecks this driver has been in just boggles the mind as it is so far out of what could be expected from random chance. Of course the same could be said about the number of serious injury and fatal wrecks I was first on scene to over the years, except that I was just a witness not a participant.

Update from NYC on a cyclist that was hit while waiting at a red light. Cyclist Left Blind After Getting Run Over by Truck You might remember in this wreck the driver of the truck was unlicensed and untrained in handling large vehicles. Well it seems the victim was hearing-impaired before the wreck as well as blind after so she was unaware of attempts by medical personnel to communicate with her and was judged to be in a vegetative state when in fact she was conscious. I was temporarily blind after my wreck, but I could hear so I can’t even imagine the terror this woman was in until someone came in that could use ASL by hand a la Helen Keller.

Update on the El Tour de Tucson cyclist injured during the ride. Friends of injured El Tour rider seeking donations for medical bills It’s a sad statement on our society that a person injured in a wreck that was not his fault has to beg for money to pay his medical bills…

From the Emerald Isles a wreck caused in part by bad weather. Rugby legend Gerry McLoughlin ‘should have been killed’ after crashing off bike It’s rare for a wreck involving a cyclist to come out so well, and for any wreck to get this kind of factual coverage in media covered by laws following the UK model. I ascribe the coverage to the fact that this was a single-vehicle wreck with no fatalities. To avoid use studded tires when conditions are icy and reduce speed.

Infrastructure! news from NYC. Cops Blame Cyclist Fatalities on “Catastrophic” Bike Lanes and New Cycling Awareness Campaign Applauded in New York

A Philly cyclist wants a little law enforcement. All city cyclist wants for Christmas: A ticket I’m sure when all the people endangering people with motor vehicles are given tickets the police will then have the time and resources available to go after the cyclists.

And that’s all the news that gives me fits, now I’m going to read some funnies so as not to lose my mind…

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