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We’re having “fun”, and the Feed

Yes that was “fun” as on not really fun, but something less than total agony. I’ll not bore you with minutiae but it involves wild temperature swings and grocery shopping. And it’s 2 days before Christmas and I can’t get anybody to tell me what they want! WTF, family? I have been asking since the middle of October and you still can’t think of anything?

Up first is another report on the drunk driver that claimed to only be a witness to a cyclist getting hit in Austin. Cyclist seriously hurt, driver charged Please be aware that this link is very heavy on Flash because of the number of video ads on the site. There’s nothing new in this article, but the comments can be funny if you have a very thick skin.

The MSM in FL are starting to get the idea that it’s much more dangerous to walk or ride a bicycle in their state than the rest of the US and they’re trying to figure out why that is. LeRoy Collins Jr.’s death a call to action for bike safety I’ll give them a few hints: Infrastructure, laws, attitudes are all strongly biased against non-motorized forms of transportation, and the drivers in your state have sub-standard levels of skill. And your hockey team sucks, too. Why is there even a hockey team in Florida anyway?

In Oz a father sees his son killed in what appears to be a left hook (the Aussie equivalent of the right hook in the US). Horror as dad watches his son, 13, die The reports are incomplete but it seems the truck made a left turn over the top of the cyclist as it passed. An updated link from the article sheds only a tiny bit more light on this wreck as it also reports on antother wreck. Boy, 13, killed by truck while riding bike at IvanhoeWhen I read the comments from the second link about 50 or so of the 57 were positive about the kid riding the bike, and there was only one asking if the decedent was wearing a helmet, as if wearing a plastic hat would do anything constructive against a 20 ton (empty) garbage truck.

And that’s the entire Feed, as I got it. You’re welcome, and drop in tomorrow for more.

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