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I hope you had a happy Massive Consumption day, and the Feed

OK so I’m a bit of a Scrooge when it comes to the secular celebration of Christmas, so sue me (or buy my silence with products). Anyway, the drunk (and otherwise intoxicated) drivers have exacted their toll on the cycling public this year (with the totals still not complete). As I type this out I haven’t even opened the folder for the Feed, but my witchy senses (and half a century of experience) tells me there will be drunks killing working stiffs riding their bikes home from menial jobs late at night. I really hope I’m wrong.

Up first is a report on why some (many?) people believe we need separate infrastructure from cars for bicycles, as a rider looking not to get hit by cars runs over road debris and gets injured in CA. Cyclist Injured After Hitting Debris On Road I love the final sentence in the article “Police said even though the cyclist was wearing a helmet at the time, the impact was strong enough to inflict head injuries that required a trip to the hospital.” The Magic Plastic Hat failed to save this man from harm, he must be a non-believer in the power of the Magic Plastic Hat. Or maybe, the Magic Plastic Hat was designed to protect when you stop and fall over, not when you fall at speed or get hit by a vehicle.

Hit-and-run with a possible drunk in NJ. Police seek information in Millburn hit-and-run Not much to go on with this one, black vehicle, possibly a Lexus, with debris left at the scene. Hit-from-behind protocols would have been appropriate in this case.

Another story on the female cyclist hit by the left side of a right turning truck that was passing on the right in the same lane. Cyclist’s Family Sues Truck Driver for Mom’s Death The more I read about this wreck the less I believe the CHP’s version of the story, because their physics just don’t match the real world to explain how the cyclist ended under the wheels of the truck. And I still don’t see how the truck driver passing on the right in the same lane was not found to be at least partially at fault, when passing a bicycle in the same lane the motor vehicle must be to the left of the bicycle, not the right. To pass a bicycle on the right the motor vehicle must be in a separate lane.

A rather large chunk of the rest of the post is from Jolly Olde. First from there is a report on a cyclist’s killer getting 4 years after being found high on pot at the scene of the crime. Driver locked up after he killed a cyclist while high on cannabis and Driver who killed cyclist while under influence of cannabis gets four years While the fact that the driver got any prison time for killing a cyclist is heartening, the driver would have gotten a higher sentence had he killed a dog with a chain. There was a story a few weeks back about a UK citizen that had abused a dog getting a 10 year sentence…

Still in the UK, the killer of a cyclist hit from behind on a straight stretch of road is sentenced. Cost of cyclist’s life – just £110 Yes, you read that right, less than $200 in costs and 200 hours of community service for homicide, because the victim was a cyclist…

A UK cyclist is injured by a hit-and-run driver in Spain, caution gory details. Cyclist Alan’s Spanish nightmare Not much information even when the wreck happened in another jurisdiction, it’s hard to do things differently in the UK even when the UK media laws don’t apply. Habits and all that.

Aftermath of a UK cyclist killed by a hit-and-run driver. Chris’ death will be hard to bear for family I am filled with such anger at people that do things like this. Hit-and-run should be treated like any other assault with a deadly weapon, not just swept under the rug.

Another report on the teenager that was left-hooked by a garbage truck in Oz. Christmas tragedy: teen cyclist killed Again this is a sad story that was entirely the fault of the driver of the truck that was passing the cyclist and turned left (mirror image of a right hook in the US) without clearing his left side for traffic.

Updates on the story from 2009 where a cycling lawyer was hit by another lawyer driving a car. The Explainer: The doctor, the lawyer and the forgiving soul

And that’s all I have for you this Christmas Day. Have a cup of cheer but don’t drive after it, and be as merry as is possible in these harsh economic times.

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