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Back again from the Lab Rat Keeper, and oh yes, the Feed

More good news from the LRK, I only have 15 more days left in this study, my BP and heart rate are both wonderful, and I weighed in at 207.2 pounds for my last weigh-in of 2010. I’m still just over 7 pounds shy of reaching my goal of 199, but I have lost lots of body fat this year. Unfortunately I have replaced some of it with muscle which makes me burn more Calories but I still have to carry up hills when I ride my bike. I suppose there are worse things in life than getting ripped with huge legs and at least one calf that looks like a cut diamond, but truth be told I would rather weigh less and be less ripped. I don’t really need the kind of female attention looking like that at 52YO brings.

Up first because I feel like starting out on the West Coast of the US are 2 reports on the cyclist that was hit-and-run at 12:30 AM on Christmas day on a San Francisco back street. Intersection Where Cyclist Seriously Injured Has Been A Long Term Problem, Neighbors Say and Police Continue to Search For Witnesses In Hit And Run That Injured Cyclist At this point they know it was a grey (gray) car, not an SUV, and that the cyclist was proceeding legally. Back channel tells me that there was a helmet at the scene but it isn’t known if it belonged to the cyclist or if the cyclist was wearing it, it was also not known if there was a headlight in the wreckage of the bike. That tells me the bike was beyond totalled if they can’t tell if the bike had a headlight or not, which in turn tells me the car was being driven far in excess of the posted limit when the driver made his left turn into the cyclist. To avoid, intersection protocols apply, but to be honest at some point you have to trust that drivers will follow the laws. Otherwise you would never get out on the roads, on any form of travel less secure than a M-1 Abrams.

Another report on the cyclist killed by a 26 wheel semi in CA, with a little more details, and more importantly a list of things left out of the CHP report. CHP: Driver found not at fault in collision with Hills cyclist One thing that hasn’t been brought out, is why the truck was in the lane to the left of the cyclist. This is not a legal place for a motor vehicle to be in CA (or most other states). Why does the report ignore this?

Moving closer to home a bicycle wreck on a limited access highway that is the only access to a popular recreation area raises calls for repairing the damaged road that caused bicycles to be on the highway in the first place. Study outlines needs to make travel safer for bicyclists, motorists The wreck that started this was a hit-from-behind, so use the appropriate protocol to avoid including lots of tail lights at night when forced to travel on limited access highways with bad shoulders. Warning about the comments on this one, the swear words are in Spanish.

Moving off shore to Enn Zed, a 14 YO is hit by a car and all the attention is placed on if the child was wearing a helmet, not on the 5W’s of the wreck. Cyclist, 14, seriously injured in crash with car I mean seriously, are they really blaming the wreck on the possible failure of the cyclist to wear a Magic Plastic Hat? Like somehow the driver of the car would not have hit the kid riding in the street if the kid had been wearing a bit of styrofoam over the top of his head? Some people are stupid.

In Pakistan a cyclist is killed with little doubt about blame in the wreck. Seven people killed in separate incidents Short and to the point: ‘A cyclist, identified as Arif of Bhaseen village, Batapur, was run over and killed by a recklessly driven car.” It was the driver’s fault, on to the next wreck!

And that’s all the news that gives me fits. I should be earlier tomorrow.

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