Preparing for NYE festivities, and the Feed

I’m getting ready to attend NYE festivities at my church this Friday, looking for someone to bring as Mrs. Opus is not the party type. Line forms at the end of the post, ladies 😉 There weren’t any actual bike wrecks in the Feed today, just motorcycle riders losing control on wet streets or getting hit by drunk drivers coming the other way (and how anyone can “not see” a motorcycle with the headlight on from the front when you’re driving in his lane is beyond me). The big time for bike wrecks this time of year will be New Year’s Day as the bodies of the cyclists coming home from working parties, or just riding a bike to keep from driving drunk, are discovered along side the roads after they get hit-and-run by drunk drivers. I expect to find at least a couple of those come Saturday and Monday (and probably all through the week as reports trickle in).

The only actual “bicycle” story today was a lifestyle report from FL on a police bike ride that raised money for the families of LEO killed in the line of duty. ‘Tour de Force’ riders present checks to families of slain deputies Having a son-in-law in that line of work makes me pay special attention to articles like this, especially because he’s rehabbing from a car wreck last month and might be back on full duty in late Jan or early Feb.

For all my readers out there remember that for the next few days there is a 20% chance that the guy in the car is drunk and only by pure luck hasn’t run into anything (or you) yet. Ride accordingly.

Billed @$0.02, Opus

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