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The last post of 2010, the Feed

If you haven’t read the Year In Review post yet, you should, I’ll wait… OK done? Good. This will be the last post for 2010 after which I will prepare for attending the NYE party at my church which will let out sometime after sunrise. The sunrise release is on purpose, to allow the drunk drivers a chance to finish wrecking before our people hit the roads (and also to allow our drunks time to sober up before driving). I’m going to be doing a very dangerous thing, I’m going to be riding a bicycle in the street after dark on NYE to get to the party at the church. I’m only going to be armed with a blinky vest that is on its last days, and warm clothing. I still haven’t gotten the MX helmet to use as a winter helmet yet, delivery will be Jan 3 or 4, so I will be depending on the Bellistic to keep my noggin intact should I have an encounter with a drunk driver.

Up first today is what appears to be a hit-and-run in Carlsbad CA. CARLSBAD: Police seeking information about injured cyclist The thing about a wreck like this is the cyclist can be hit and killed without anything ever touching the bike because the cyclist hangs out farther than the sides of the bike, or a passing truck or bus could hit the cyclist’s head with a mirror and never touch the bike or even get very close to it, so all injured cyclists in the road should be treated as hit-and-run until proven to be otherwise.

A wreck in CO with almost as much information as a UK report. Cyclist Injured After Car Hits Him No mention if the driver of the car stopped to render assistance, no mention of the mode of the wreck, whether hit from behind or some kind of intersection contretemps, nothing except the bare facts that the guy was riding his bike and was hit by a motor vehicle. Typical car-head comments in the comments section…

Moving much further east another Pakistani cyclist is killed by an incompetent driver as reported in this blotter story. 4 killed in accidents The bad thing about blotter reports is they don’t have much detail. This one basically says the driver was at fault for driving like a jerk and moves on to the next item…

A report from the enemy camp ( 😉 ) on what they’re doing to reduce distracted driving while loading up cars with video screens and GPS and sound systems with up to 4 choices of source material (AM-FM radio, CD, and MP3 players), and Bluetooth connection with your cell phone… Videos, technology try to mitigate distracted driving, but it’s still up to you Yes, don’t use all this technology we have convinced you is absolutely vital in our product advertising, here’s a YouTube video to watch to counteract the hours of advertising we pay for every day in 30-second bites just to convince you to buy the junk.

And that’s it for today. If you don’t see a new post here tomorrow evening then they got me on the roads tonight. Not likely, but possible.

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